Watch: LOOΠΔ Reveals Their January Girl, YeoJin, With Fantastical Teaser For Solo Song, “Kiss Later”

2017-01-11 12:51:06 2018-01-16 12:46:51

Since October 2016, new girl group LOOΠΔ (pronounced “Loona”) has been introducing their members in an interesting way. Every month, a new member gets revealed, accompanied by their very own solo track and music video.

October’s member was HeeJin with ““ViViD,” November’s member was HyunJin with “Around You,” and December’s member was HaSeul with “Let Me In.”

On January 11, LOOΠΔ unveiled this month’s member, YeoJin, through a teaser for her solo song, “Kiss Later.”

Based on the teaser, YeoJin’s solo seems to be inspired by fairy tales, specifically “The Frog Prince.” While the final product isn’t out yet, it sounds and looks very promising!

If you’ve been missing out on LOOΠΔ’s innovative project, check out their YouTube channel, which includes hours of content for you to enjoy. Also, look out for YeoJin’s solo single, which will officially be released on January 16.

There are eight more members that have yet to be revealed. LOOΠΔ’s official debut is set for October.

What are your thoughts on this unique promotional tactic?

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