Park Joong Hoon And Kang Ha Neul Considering Roles In Second Season Of “Bad Guys”

2017-05-18 00:49:56 2017-05-18 00:49:55

Park Joong Hoon and Kang Ha Neul might be starring in the second season of “Bad Guys”!

On May 18, a representative of the drama confirmed that both actors have received casting offers and are positively reviewing them.

Park Joong Hoon is in talks for the role of Woo Jae Moon, a prosecutor crying out for justice, and Kang Ha Neul is considering the role of Noh Jin Pyung, a third-year prosecutor appointed to the same office as Woo Jae Moon.

The second season of “Bad Guys” is expected to air sometime in November.

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