More Details Revealed About Trainee Involved In T.O.P’s Marijuana Case

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In the wake of recent news about T.O.P’s marijuana use and subsequent questioning by police, the female trainee who was with T.O.P at the time has been revealed as Han Seo Hee, a former contestant on the audition program “Birth of a Great Star 3.” Though she didn’t make it to the top 12 in the competition, she received a lot of offers from various entertainment agencies, and signed with one in June 2015.

The agency in question said to news outlets, “Though Ms. Han was chosen as a trainee, her contract was terminated after one month due to personal reasons. We haven’t been in contact with her in two years, and we are in no way involved in this case.” A police source stated, “It seems that [Han Seo Hee] started using marijuana due to the stress of a continuously postponed debut.”

Han Seo Hee was arrested in March for use of marijuana, after which, during questioning, she admitted she smoked liquid marijuana acquired from a supplier three times. T.O.P’s name came up when police asked Han Seo Hee who she was with. The police then conducted a follicle drug test for T.O.P, which came out positive.

Both Han Seo Hee’s and T.O.P’s case have been forwarded to prosecutors.

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