Seo In Guk Completes Medical Examination For Military Re-Enlistment

2017-06-05 09:48:23 2017-06-05 09:50:33

On June 5, Seo In Guk’s agency Jellyfish Entertainment released an official press release on his medical examination for re-enlistment.

They shared, “He had a medical reevaluation on April 27, but he was told that he also needs a more thorough evaluation. He completed the reexamination on June 5 at the Central Physical Examination Center of Military Manpower Administration. He will be notified of the results in two to three weeks, and we will release the details then through an official statement.”

Seo In Guk entered the military on March 28 but was sent home on March 31 due to an an osteochondral lesion. If he is given a grade between one to three from the medical reexamination, he will reenlist as an active duty soldier. If given a grade four, he will serve instead as a public service worker. A grade of five or six will result in complete exemption.

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