Cosmic Girls’ Bona Gives Heartfelt Advice And Undergoes A Character Change On “Greatest One-Shot”

2017-06-20 14:43:58 2017-06-20 14:43:58

Cosmic Girls’ Bona went through a 180-degree character change on “Greatest One-Shot” that had her dishing advice to a struggling Kim Min Jae.


Bona plays Do Hye Ri, a trainee who is preparing to debut as an idol in Kim Min Jae’s company. In the episode that aired on June 17, Kim Min Jae’s character, Lee Ji Hoon, failed to make the cut into his agency’s new boy group.

Do Hye Ri joined Lee Ji Hoon as he was eating with his friend and said, “The two of you must be worried about your age, about the military, and have a lot of thoughts like that.”

This is a flip side of her character, who had previously been shown only as cool and confident. Reassured by Lee Ji Hoon’s reply, “I’m not giving up yet,” she stole part of his lunch. When his friend asked Lee Ji Hoon when he became friends with Hye Ri, she said, “Are you surprised? I just decided I didn’t want to eat alone today.”

She also used the excuse of her fans giving her donuts she couldn’t eat to continue her conversation with Lee Ji Hoon. When he said he was jealous of her confidence, Do Hye Ri said, “Ever since I was younger, I related more to the evil queen than to Snow White. She has everything on the outside but she’s so afraid that she keeps questioning the mirror. I think everyone is like that, pretending that they’re not anxious or having a hard time in order to comfort themselves.”

“Greatest One-Shot” is a variety drama starring Yoon Shi Yoon as a 1990s top star who time-travels to 2017. It airs every Friday and Saturday at 11 p.m. KST.

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