Here Are The Top Phrases You Need To Know When You Meet Your K-Pop Bias

2017-06-20 18:04:19 2017-06-20 19:39:19

So you’ve finally done it: you’ve become a “successful fan.” All those hours, days, and months of dreaming about meeting your bias, ticketing furiously, and planning the trip, you’re finally there in front of him or her. But you just realized you’ve forgotten one more important thing – “What the heck am I going to say?”

You could resort to screaming, and most likely that will be your first reaction or some version of  “homg, homg, homg.” But this is a once in a lifetime chance, and you don’t want to waste with an incoherent mess of nonverbal flailing. So what can you actually say?

Margarita of 「CREATED」 by Viki is here to help you with her first episode of her brand new series – Margarita Mondays – at Viki. In this episode, creator Margarita teaches you the top must know K-pop fan phrases, explaining how to use and pronounce them.  From a simple “I love you” to thanking your bias for all their hard work, Margarita quickly and simply demonstrates the key phrases you need to know for that special moment. Check out the full episode below!

Our favorite phrase? It’s gyeol-hon-hab-si-da, or “let’s get married.” Because, you know, a fan can dream.

You can check out more videos and creators like Margarita at 「CREATED」 channel at Viki!