Lee Hyori Selects IU As Artist Fitting For “Post-Lee Hyori” Title

2017-07-04 18:20:11 2017-07-04 18:20:09

On July 4, Lee Hyori held a showcase and press conference for her new album “BLACK.”

When asked about the coveted “post-Lee Hyori” title in the music industry, she commented, “I think we should now focus on each person’s individuality rather than the outdated ‘post’ concept.”

She continued, “If I had to select someone for the ‘post-Lee Hyori’ title, though, I think it would be IU. Although she doesn’t have a sexy image, she has her own musical color.”

Meanwhile, the producer of variety show “Hyori’s Homestay”┬árecently dished on the blossoming friendship of the two artists.

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