Som Hye In Drops Out Of “Idol School” Due To Health Problems

2017-07-13 23:05:01 2017-07-13 23:05:01

Recently, Som Hye In announced that she had officially dropped out of Mnet’s “Idol School.”

“Idol School,” premiered on July 13, and during this first episode, it was clear that Som Hye In was having difficulties keeping up with the training schedule.

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Som Hye In announced through her Instagram, “I am very sorry to be announcing this after the first broadcast. I have indeed dropped out of ‘Idol School,’ which aired its first episode today. I’ve had health issues before I started the program, but I had serious intentions of going through with the entire show. I thought long and hard about my decision to drop out, and I am disappointed in myself for quitting from the very start. I apologize to all the people who have supported me.”

She then continued, “Since dropping out, I’ve been focusing on recovering and my health has gotten much better since leaving the show. I won’t be able to meet you all through ‘Idol School,’ but I hope to see you again through broadcasts in the future.” Som Hye In ended the post by wishing the show and the members good luck.

We wish her a speedy recovery.

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