Yoo Seon Ho Talks About His Cube Audition And Says He Still Doesn’t Understand How He Got In

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Yoo Seon Ho recently opened up about his audition for Cube Entertainment during a recent interview and confessed that he still doesn’t understand why they picked him.

The trainee received a lot of love during his appearance on Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2” and was given the nickname “byeongari [baby chick].” True to that nickname, he was playful and full of energy throughout the interview, making faces while taking photos and bursting out into laughter at his own antics.

When asked about how he entered Cube Entertainment, Yoo Seon Ho explained, “I caught the eye of a recruiter while my school band was at a youth arts festival. They told me to come audition for Cube, and at first, I said no because I couldn’t sing or dance. I did it anyway to gain some experience but then I actually got in.” He laughed as he added, “I still don’t understand why my company picked me. Why did they do that?”

He went on to state that for his first audition, he prepared Apink’s “NoNoNo” while for the second round, he attempted to perform EXO’s “Growl.” However, when the music came on, his mind went blank and he just stood there, frozen and unable to do anything. Yoo Seon Ho said, “I thought I’d obviously blown it, but I got a call saying that they were taking me in. I told my parents and they first thought I was joking. I still don’t get how I got in.”

Yoo Seon Ho also confessed that he had wanted to look cool for his audition, so he just took some wax and pushed back his hair because that’s the only thing he could think of doing. He further reminisced about his audition as he added, “My friends who were in our school’s dance club taught me the choreography. But I totally forgot how to dance to ‘Growl’ once the music came on. I was told off by the head of our agency during that audition. He told me that he could probably dance better than I could.”

Asked if he’s ever found his training hard, Yoo Seon Ho joked, “I only started early last fall. My training period has been so short that I haven’t had time to go through hardships.”

He ended the interview by speaking about what kind of idol he wants to become, now that he’s had a taste of the stage through “Produce 101 Season 2.” Yoo Seon Ho said, “As an idol, I want to be recognized by people for my skills, and I want to try composing songs. I want to be a great singer. My motto in life is to never give up, because the moment you do is when things are truly over. I never want to give up on anything.”

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