Sexual Assault Case Originally Alleged To Have Involved Popular Idol Group Member Is Dismissed By Police

2017-07-23 10:28:53 2017-07-23 10:28:52

Police have dismissed a recent sexual assault case in which an unnamed popular idol group member (hereafter referred to as “A”) was originally accused.

On July 23, Gangnam Police Station disclosed that the case was forwarded to the public prosecutor’s office as a dismissed case due to lack of evidence.

A woman had reported to the police on July 6 that two men, including popular idol group member “A,” had assaulted her at a home in Yeoksam.

Later that day, she denied the involvement of “A” in a testimony witnessed by a public defender. She wrote, “‘A’ did not sexually assault me. I think I was assaulted by two other men who were with us.”

Regarding the dismissal, a police source stated, “We were able to confirm sexual relations between the parties, but no solid evidence was found to prove that it was an assault. We will close the case by forwarding it to the public prosecutor’s office as a dismissed case.”

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