Sulli Surprises Fans With New Looks

2017-09-22 14:28:49 2017-09-22 14:43:51

Sulli had fun with her fans by surprising them with multiple new looks on Instagram.

At first, she posted photos of her with blonde hair with the captions: “Woah,” “Ahh,” and “Huh.”


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A post shared by 설리가진리 (@jelly_jilli) on

Then, Sulli posted photos of herself with short black hair and the caption, “Did you fall for it??”


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Next, the actress posted a photo of her with long, black hair and caption, “You fell for it again.”

또 속았지롱??‍♀️

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Finally, Sulli posted a screenshot of her texts with her friend, and added the caption, “My friend says I’ll look like a celebrity if I cut my hair!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow should I cut it?”

What did you think? Did you fall for Sulli’s small prank on her fans?