TAHITI’s Miso Accuses Jisoo Of Lying About Her Reasons For Leaving The Group In Instagram Post

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On December 15, TAHITI’s Miso took to her personal Instagram account to open up about Jisoo’s departure and she began by stating, “Only a few days before our scheduled Japanese concert, you suddenly became unreachable without a warning. You wouldn’t take anyone’s calls and though we had no idea what was going on, we gave up sleep to change our choreography to fit four people till the day we flew out in order to keep our promise with our fans. For months, we had no way of hearing any detailed news about you. No matter how much we tried calling first, the only response we’d get is that you’d return someday and for us to wait a little longer. You even left our group chat without a single explanation. Our agency foolishly told us that even though things were hard for us, we should stick it out a little longer because you were sick and hospitalized.”

She continued on with, “They said you were hospitalized but we keep hearing so many stories of people seeing you out and about. How are we supposed to respond to this? Should we have just trusted you and waited for you because you were one a member of our group, someone we trusted? If you really wanted to leave TAHITI and leave this company, you should have just paid the penalty for breaching your contract and left.”

Miso added, “You dare use the term ‘panic disorder’ after spending years by the side of someone who can’t go a day without medication because her depression and panic disorder cause her to hyperventilate? Your time [as a member of TAHITI] was horrible? Your fake lies are more horrible. I just feel so bad for the people, our innocent fans, who comfort you without knowing what’s going on that I feel the need to apologize to them. We [TAHITI members] and our agency family, we were all sticking together because of loyalty, and we never dreamed that you had planned this all from the very beginning.. and we trusted you… Just a few days ago, we were fools waiting for Jisoo to return to TAHITI.”

She concluded her statement with, “The one social media post she made and the reporters are the people who made ‘Jisoo leave TAHITI’ a reality. Do you finally understand who the people in pain really are, and who should really be the ones being comforted?”

일본 콘서트 일정 불과 며칠 전, 아무런 예고도 없이 연락이 두절 된 너. 누구의 연락도 받지 않고 영문도 모른 채 우린 팬들과 약속을 지키기위해 출국 당일 날까지 날 밤을 새가며 네명 동선으로 다시 맞춰 연습을 했지. 그 후로 몇 달이 지나도 너에대한 자세한 소식은 알 길이 없었어. 계속 먼저 연락해봐도 언제쯤 다시 돌아올테니 조금만 더 기다려달라는 등 제대로 된 상황 설명 하나 없이 단체 대화방 마저 나가버린 너. 바보같은 회사에서는 니가 아파서 입원해있으니 힘들어도 조금만 더 고생하고 기다리재. 근데… 넌 입원해있다는데 자꾸 여기저기서 널 봤다는 이상한 얘기들이 너무 자주들려. 그 상황에 우리는 어떻게 대응해야 했을까. 그저 함께했던 멤버고 믿었던 멤버니까 의심하지않고 계속 믿고 기다리는게 맞았을까. 타히티가 그만두고싶고, 이 회사가 나가고싶었던거라면 정정당당하게 위약금내고 나갔어야지. 우울증과 공황장애로 하루라도 약을 안먹으면 과호흡으로 고통스러워하는 멤버를 몇년째 가장 가까이에서 보고지냈으면서 니가 감히 공황장애라는 단어를 이용해? 끔찍했다고? 너의 그 가식적인 거짓말이 더 끔찍해.. 아무 것도 모르고 널 위로하는 사람들, 우리 순진한 팬들이 그저 너무 안쓰럽고 오히려 내가 더 죄송해… 그저 의리 하나때문에 남아있는 우리 타히티 멤버들, 회사 식구들.. 처음부터 다 계획 된 일이란 걸 꿈에도 상상 못하고.. 그저 믿고…. 우린 불과 며칠 전까지만해도 막연히 지수가 다시 타히티로 돌아오기만을 기다리던 바보같은 사람들일 뿐이에요. 그녀가 sns에 올린 글 하나와 기자분들이 ‘타히티 지수 탈퇴’를 만든거에요. 이제 진짜 상처받은 사람이 누구고, 위로받아야 할 사람이 누군지.. 아시겠어요…?

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Jisoo declared her intention to leave the group on December 8 through a post on her personal Instagram account.