Update: B1A4 Reassures Fans After Minor Car Accident

2018-01-29 02:08:03 2018-01-29 11:49:23

Updated January 30 KST:

In addition to Jinyoung, B1A4 members Baro, CNU, and Gongchan have also written reassuring messages to fans on Instagram after their car accident.

Baro wrote, “You were all really shocked, right? I was really shocked too by the sudden car accident but I had an examination at the hospital and I’m recovering well at home! I’m sorry to the fans who came to the event even though it was cold, and to the people who were worried. I’ll recover and be back soon! Please be careful while driving, everyone. The image is of a movie I watched a few days ago, I’m uploading it because I want to recommend it. Have a good night.”

CNU posted a photo of himself and wrote as the caption, “Hello everyone, it’s CNU. First off, I’m sincerely sorry for being so late to write to you. Also, I apologize to the people who spent their precious time to come to the venue to see us, and to the event staff. I’m really sorry to have worried our BANA. You were really surprised, right? I hope you won’t worry too much, because we’re all recovering well right now. Please support us a lot because we’re going to be even more healthy and energetic in the future. Also, it’s very cold out lately, so please be careful not to catch a cold, and make sure to eat well.”

Gongchan posted on his Instagram, “Hello. It’s Gongchan. I’m very sorry to the fans who came to see our performance in the cold weather on January 27, and to the fans who were shocked and concerned. We were also very shocked by the sudden car accident. I’m currently recovering at home after receiving an examination at the hospital. I’ll recover quickly and see you soon while being healthy. I should always only be making enjoyable and happy things for you, but I made you worry and so I’m really sorry. In the future I’ll make a lot of happy and enjoyable things for you. It’s very cold lately. Please dress warmly and be careful not to catch a cold. BANA, I’m always grateful to you, I love you.”

Original Article:

Jinyoung has updated fans following B1A4’s recent car accident.

On January 29, he took to Instagram and wrote, “You were all really shocked, right? I first want to apologize to the fans that came to the event and all the fans that worried about us. The car accident happened so suddenly, so we were also really surprised.”

He continued, “We received checkups at the hospital and are recovering!! We were not severely injured, so don’t worry too much!! I hope you will all drive safely! Everyone that worried about us, we thank you and love you.”