Chan Ho From “Dad! Where Are We Going?” Is All Grown Up

2018-01-29 18:05:11 2018-01-29 18:05:11

Actor Ryu Jin’s adorable youngest son Chan Ho from “Dad! Where Are We Going?” has grown up quite a bit.

The actor and his wife recently uploaded photos of their second son, surprising fans with how big he’s gotten.

Chan Ho has now become quite the young boy. Although he was quite small as a child, he has grown much taller. Even now, he is a chip off the old block as he closely resembles his father.

아이스구림 넘 좋아~ ^^ #찬형 #찬호

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Chan ho had a great time with friends.?

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후쿠오카여행? ??

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Chan ho is sensitive to cold. ? Ah~ It's cold. ❄❄❄

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Chan Ho previously appeared on MBC’s “Dad! Where Are We Going?” with his father Ryu Jin. At the time, Chan Ho was 5 years old (Korean reckoning), but now he is 9 years old. His older brother Chan Hyung is also about to graduate elementary school as he turned 12 years old this year.

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