Kim Yeon Woo Wins Lawsuit Against Former Agency Mystic Entertainment

2018-02-05 21:46:51 2018-02-05 22:03:08

Singer Kim Yeon Woo’s lawsuit against his former agency, Mystic Entertainment, has been resolved.

Kim Yeon Woo’s current agency Dio Music filed a lawsuit against Mystic Entertainment regarding the singer’s payments related to “King of Masked Singer.” On February 5, it was revealed the court ruled in favor of Kim Yeon Woo, stating, “Mystic Entertainment is to pay 131,590,000 won (approximately $119,700) for ‘King of Masked Singer’ related payments.”

Kim Yeon Woo performed various songs during his 10-week run as the King on MBC’s “King of Masked Singer” in May of 2015, releasing his covers as digital tracks as well.

After Kim Yeon Woo switched agencies from Mystic Entertainment to Dio Music, the singer sued the former over payments related to his stint on the singing variety show.

When Kim Yeon Woo initially signed with Mystic Entertainment, his contract stated, “The contents produced by Mystic will be split between the company and the singer 60:40, while Kim Yeon Woo’s other activities will be split 30:70.”

Mystic Entertainment claimed, “Kim Yeon Woo’s digital releases from ‘King of Masked Singer’ were a joint production by MBC and Mystic Entertainment, so Kim Yeon Woo earned 40 percent of those profits, which we paid.” In response, Dio Music argued that Kim Yeon Woo should receive 70 percent of the profits as it was related to his broadcast activities.

The court ultimately determined that the digital releases from “King of Masked Singer” were produced by MBC, so Mystic Entertainment should have paid Kim Yeon Woo 70 percent of the related profits.

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