Won Jin Ah Talks About Working With 2PM’s Junho In “Just Between Lovers”

2018-02-13 23:56:33 2018-02-13 23:56:33

Actress Won Jin Ah recently sat down for an interview after the conclusion of “Just Between Lovers.”

When asked about 2PM’s Junho, her co-star in the drama, she responded, “Junho is not much older than me, but he is experienced and focused, and there was a lot to learn from him.”

She continued, “When we first went on set, he was really Kang Doo himself. Because he was exactly the Kang Doo I imagined, it was really helpful when acting.”

Won Jin Ah added that he worked to make it a comfortable atmosphere for everyone on set.

She revealed that she was worried about the overly sweet and romantic scenes. “Sweet is good, but I didn’t know if I could carry it out well. However, Junho acted natural like Kang Doo on set, so the awkwardness went away. He said the lines in a heart-fluttering and smooth way, so I was able to act with ease,” she shared.

If you haven’t yet, begin watching “Just Between Lovers” below:

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