10 Times Idols Made Fans’ Wildest Dreams Come True

It’s a well-known truth that it’s basically impossible to meet a K-pop idol in person. International fans can totally relate, especially since most of us may never get the chance to even go to Korea. However, that can’t stop us from dreaming, right? As you’ll see below, dreams actually do come true, and maybe, just maybe, they can come true for us, too.

Highlight’s Yoon Doo Joon

This fan got the chance to go ice skating with Yoon Doo Joon, and if that wasn’t perfect enough, they even got to walk home together…this isn’t just a dream, it’s more like a fairy tale.


Imagine eating fried chicken in the park, delivered by Crush himself. This has got to be the most ideal picnic ever.


I’m pretty sure that every ARMY in the world has dreamed of opening their door to BTS. If this happened to me, I’d have dinner ready for them in a heartbeat.

Choi Yoo Jung

Yoo Jung has got to be the sweetest and prettiest idol out there. How awesome would it be if she brought you mango drinks, went shopping, and sang karaoke with you? I have a feeling she’d make the greatest best friend.


What could be more legendary than being called famous by your ultimate bias? I’m pretty sure we’ve all dreamed of a moment like this.


We’ve all sung along to our favorite idol’s songs, but what would it be like to actually sing it with them? If I had the chance to sing with IU, life would be complete.

SHINee’s Jonghyun

Every fangirl has dreamed about this moment. After a hard day’s work, making smoothies and walking home with Jonghyun would definitely make everything better.


If I was dancing and SISTAR showed up to join me, I’m pretty sure I’d have a heart attack right there.


*Sigh* If only we could all have the chance to steal a kiss from our bias. This fan has got to be the luckiest girl alive.

UP10TION’s Bitto

What better way to repay your bias for all his hard work than to give him food? If my bias was hungry, I’d probably buy an entire restaurant for him.

To see more of UP10TION, check out Soompi and ZANYTV’s original series, “UP10TION, Please!

Watch them spend a virtual date with their fans in the latest episode below! 

What would you want to do if you had the chance to meet with your bias? Let us know in the comments below!

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