The Top Funniest BTOB Moments You Don’t Want To Miss

If you stan BTOB, you already know just how hilarious the members are. Almost any time that they’re together, they’re boatloads of fun and you’re guaranteed to laugh hysterically. And we love them for it!

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Here are just 10 of those many, many hilarious moments. (In no particular order).

When Yook Sungjae wanted to be just as funny as the other members

When Yook Sungjae asks himself, “Why am I doing this”?

When their voices changed drastically

The countless times they dressed up as girls


Their mic-stand incident

One time, Ilhoon accidentally broke off the top of the mic stand, and nobody noticed it except Eunkwang. Look at him trying his hardest not to laugh!

Of course, the Cleopatra game

That time they drank helium and had the best time ever

Why are they so fun?!

Eunkwang’s “ugly dance”

So hilarious!

Pretty much any time Changsub is on screen

When they had to break plastic wrap using just their faces

Pretty much all of Yook Sungjae’s impressions

Hey Soompiers, what are your favorite funny BTOB moments? Let us know in the comments below!

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