Jo Yeo Jeong Responds To Allegations Of Fraud Against Her Father

Jo Yeo Jeong has released an official statement regarding reports of her father’s fraud accusations.

On December 6, Sports Kyunghyang published an article about accusations of fraud against the actress’s father by “A.”

The outlet met with “A” who told his side of the story and showed evidence. According to “A,” Jo Yeo Jeong’s father borrowed 250 million won (approximately $221,960) 14 years ago in order to set up a nursing home. At the time, “A” and Jo Yeo Jeong’s father were from the same hometown and had known each other for a long time, so he let him borrow the money without any suspicion. Since he was also the father of a famous actress, “A” never imagined that Jo Yeo Jeong’s father would not pay back the money.

Jo Yeo Jeong’s father then borrowed money from him once again. “A” said, “Jo’s property on the fifth floor of a building in Boondang was about to be auctioned. He promised that if I just lend him 50 million won (approximately $44,397), then he would stop it from being auctioned, sell it, and pay off the debt.”

“A” continued, “He wrote a promissory note saying that he would pay back the 250 million won (approximately $221,960) that he previously borrowed by November 2005, but that was no use. He moved addresses, avoided me, and didn’t answer my phone calls. If he accidentally picked up the phone call, he’d give a vague answer and hang up. Three years ago, he changed his number so I couldn’t contact him. It’s money that I let him borrow by taking out a loan, so it was a huge burden for me to even just pay back the interest. Since he was suffering hardship, I thought that it might be difficult for me to receive all of the money back at once. So I asked him to even pay back even 500,000 won (approximately $444) a month, but he kept ignoring my calls.”

Last year, “A” went to Jo Yeo Jeong’s agency, but was told that the message would be relayed, and did not know if the message had actually been relayed to Jo Yeo Jeong.

Explaining the reason why he chose to go public with this information, “A” said, “It’s money that I let Jo borrow by taking out a loan, but it was difficult for me to even pay back the interest. So at the age of 70, I sold the house I was living in and work as an apartment security guard. Even now, I wake up in the middle of the night out of anger. My life is so difficult to the point where my son has to pay for my monthly rent. Jo’s daughter Jo Yeo Jeong lives a happy life, but I felt sorry to my kids. So I gathered the courage to speak out.”

After the article was published, Jo Yeo Jeong’s agency High Entertainment released an official statement.

The statement is as follows:

“We want to apologize for the controversy about our agency’s actress Jo Yeo Jeong’s father.

“Jo Yeo Jeong learned about this through the article that was printed today. Regardless of the reason, she would like to apologize to those who were hurt because of her father.

“In the past, Jo Yeo Jeong’s parents got divorced due to her father’s debt. After that, she has not been in contact with her father. She could not reach him and could not get an understanding of this situation and if it had been resolved.

“Last year, she tried to get in contact with her father to resolve this after hearing about it, but was unable to because his phone number had already been changed. Even now, we’re trying to hear her father’s side of the story.

“We will work hard to quickly understand the situation and to smoothly resolve the parts that are a problem.

“Finally, we apologize for the controversy.”

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