Update: Singer Maybee Apologizes And Settles Her Mother’s Debt

Updated April 19 KST:

Maybee has released a statement after settling her mother’s debt.

On April 19, the singer shared the following post on Instagram:

It was very difficult and tough to speak about every matter involving my family. It is not true that the money my mother borrowed was used for my marriage funds. Although I did not know about everything [regarding this matter], I think it is my fault for not having taken care of my family more closely.

I settled everything with the victim today regarding the debt, and I expressed my apologies.

I express my apologies to everyone who shows lots of support and love.
In addition, I cannot hide my apologetic feelings towards my husband and children.
I will make up [for this] by showing greater effort in the future.

Original Article:

Maybee’s mother was accused of failing to pay back her debt, and Maybee has spoken up about the issue.

Maybee’s mother’s acquaintance “A” stated that in February 2015, they lent 50 million won (approximately $44,100) to Maybee’s mother. Because Maybee’s mother was not able to repay her debt, “A” filed a lawsuit against Maybee requesting the loan to be paid back. However, the lawsuit was dismissed in September 2018. The court stated, “It cannot be accepted that Maybee was the one who borrowed the money based on the evidence submitted.”

Nevertheless, “A” argued, “Maybee’s mother borrowed the money for Maybee’s marriage funds. During trial, a deposit transaction of 50 million won (approximately $44,100) into Maybee’s bank account was also confirmed.”

“A” added, “I’ve known Maybee’s family for over 20 years at our hometown. I was going to refuse because Maybee’s mother did not have good credit, but I agreed to send the money to Maybee’s bank account after Maybee’s mother said to trust her daughter and her daughter’s fiancée, as they are public figures.”

According to “A,” in December 2018, Maybee apologized to “A” and said that she would talk to her mother to return the money.

“A” further shared, “I received 10 million won (approximately $8,800) from Maybee’s mother. She said in two to three months, she would return the remaining 40 million won (approximately $35,300) she owed, and now four years have passed since then. I plan to file criminal charges against Maybee’s mother for suspicion of fraud.”

Currently, Maybee and Yoon Sang Hyun are appearing in SBS’s variety show “Same Bed Different Dreams 2.”

On April 17, a source from SBS’s “Same Bed Different Dreams 2” stated, “We are cautious in our words and actions, given that the loan fraud accusations surrounding Maybee’s mother relate to a cast member’s family. We will need to verify the facts first.”

Later, Maybee stated to Yonhap News through a phone call, “I apologize for causing trouble with my family issues. Mid-2018, a written complaint was sent to our house, and that’s how I found out that my mother had borrowed money from an acquaintance. At the time, I was pregnant, so I relied on the words of my mom, who said, ‘I’ll take care of it so don’t worry about it.’ I didn’t want to burden my husband’s family, so I tried to solve the issue on my own without telling them about it, and that made it difficult to pay back the loan quickly. I apologize to the victim.”

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