Kim Hye Soo’s Reps Issue Statement Following Reports Of Mother’s Debt

Actress Kim Hye Soo has been pulled into a controversy due to reports of her mother acquiring a large debt.

On the July 10 broadcast of CBS Radio’s “Kim Hyun Jung’s News Show,” it was reported that the mother of actress Kim Hye Soo has a debt of 1.3 billion won (approximately $1.1 million) after borrowing from acquaintances for a business venture.

During the show, Kim Hyun Jung stated, “The victims lent money while believing in Kim Hye Soo’s name and are now expressing their deep disappointment. The hundreds of millions of won are a great source of pain for the victims. Kim Hye Soo’s mother must be considerate of this pain.”

It was further revealed that a National Assembly member in the ruling party who served as a committee chairperson and other esteemed individuals are among those who lent money to Kim Hye Soo’s mother. One victim has come forth and said that they lent money after being told that it would be repaid to them in three months, but they have now gone eight years without being paid back.

In response to these reports, Kim Hye Soo’s lawyer Park Sung Cheol released an official statement addressing the relationship between Kim Hye Soo and her mother.

Read the full statement below:

This is actress Kim Hye Soo’s legal representative Park Sung Cheol. I am conveying the official statement regarding the reports involving Kim Hye Soo’s mother.

Firstly, we would like to apologize for causing worry with Kim Hye Soo’s family matters.

Kim Hye Soo’s mother has had money-related issues for decades now. Although Kim Hye Soo has been unaware of and completely uninvolved with her mother’s actions and has never received any profits, she has taken responsibility for compensation on her mother’s behalf.

In 2012, Kim Hye Soo had an intense discord with her mother due to the burden of her mother’s huge debt that not even her entire wealth at the time could cover. While it began with the thought that it is natural for a child to help their parents with their difficulties, it became an almost daily occurrence that surpassed the level of common sense, and, in the end, Kim Hye Soo and her mother were unable to reconcile. With the desire to prevent herself from being harmed again because of her mother, Kim Hye Soo was promised that such financial problems would not come up again and she subsequently cut ties with her mother. Even after that, Kim Hye Soo continued to settle the past money problems caused by her mother over a long period of time.

It is believed that Kim Hye Soo’s mother has caused yet another issue without any consultation or discussion with the family. Kim Hye Soo has no way of knowing the matters of her mother, with whom she has not been in contact for almost eight years. She has also not intervened in anything her mother has done. She feels very sorry for the people who helped her mother out of the goodness of their hearts. However, Kim Hye Soo has not received the least amount of notice from people who did business with her mother to even know about the problematic transactions. She has only been pushed by utter strangers to take responsibility for the results.

The cause of these problems is related to her mother’s self-incurred debt, and Kim Hye Soo has already done all that she could to prevent these incidents. She can no longer control what happens after already receiving a promise from her mother and cutting off all contact. There was no realistic procedure or arrangement to stop these actions in advance.

As a celebrity, and even before that, as a daughter, Kim Hye Soo has done everything in her power to resolve problems in place of her mother. However, it was not a fundamental solution for her to be held unconditionally accountable for the unjust actions of her parents because she is their daughter. She could not control her mother any longer, and she could not stop more people from getting hurt because of her mother. After enduring a long period of pain, Kim Hye Soo has concluded that taking full responsibility cannot solve everything.

The responsibility ultimately falls not on Kim Hye Soo but on her mother. It is the duty of the person who caused the problems to face the responsibility to the end. It has been confirmed that there is no basis for Kim Hye Soo to have to accept legal responsibility in place of her mother, whose actions Kim Hye Soo had not even the slightest idea about. The Supreme Court further ruled that Kim Hye Soo bears no responsibility for her mother’s lawsuit.

We kindly ask that falsehoods not be spread about Kim Hye Soo, who has already suffered years of endless pain due to matters involving her mother. We also ask for your understanding regarding the inevitable legal measures we must take against defamation and invasions of Kim Hye Soo’s privacy.

Kim Hye Soo will do her best to closely examine the truths and undergo legal review to see that this matter is dealt with properly. In addition, she will respond more resolutely to problems that arise from the use of her name in the future.

Kim Hye Soo apologizes for having to relay this uncomfortable news due to her mother’s problems.

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