Kim Sun Ah’s New SBS Drama Releases Intriguing Posters And Video From Script Reading

Upcoming SBS drama “Secret Boutique” released new posters and a video of the first script reading!

“Secret Boutique” is a thriller about a poor woman named Jenny Jang (Kim Sun Ah) who goes from working at a bathhouse to becoming a powerful lobbyist. The cast includes Jang Mi Hee, Park Hee Bon, Go Min Si, Kim Jae Young, and Kim Tae Hoon, and it will be directed by Park Hyung Ki who directed popular dramas such as “My Lovely Girl,” “Scent of a Woman,” and “Dr. Champ.”

The two teaser posters show Kim Sun Ah as the strange, mysterious, and secretive Jenny Jang. Jenny Jang is the president of the veiled law firm J-Boutique and a secretly influential person in political and business circles who attempts to become the head of Deo Company. She’s a complex character who holds a power-oriented mind and a unique personality.

In the first teaser poster, Kim Sun Ah shows a cold and imposing “black aura” in sophisticated attire as she walks down the aisle of a church that is covered in dense fog. This shows the charisma of her character Jenny Jang who dreams of becoming the queen of Deo Company.

On the other hand, the second teaser poster shows Kim Sun Ah wearing a red blouse and mini-skirt with a stylish short bob while kneeling down in a bathtub with her hands together as she stares at something.

On August 19, “Secret Boutique” shared a video of the drama’s first script reading with the director, writer, and cast. The director opened up the script reading with a greeting and introduced Kim Sun Ah who bowed to everyone. The director joked she was taking too long greeting everyone, and she quipped, “I thought I needed to make eye-contact with everyone.”

Kim Sun Ah displayed excellent acting skills as she immersed into her character as the smart and sophisticated Jenny Jang while Kim Jae Young perfectly channeled his character, a lawyer named Yoon Sun Woo. Go Min Si, Park Hee Bon, Kim Tae Hoon, and Jang Mi Hee played their parts as the supporting characters.

Towards the end, Kim Sun Ah shared her joy over being able to participate in the drama and raised anticipation with her comment that this will be an entertaining drama.

Watch the first script reading below!

“Secret Boutique” will premiere on September 18.

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