Ong Seong Wu Finally Meets His Father In “Moments Of 18”

Ong Seong Wu and his father will come face to face on “Moments of 18.”

On September 1, the drama released stills of Choi Jun Woo (played by Ong Seong Wu) and Choi Myung Joon (played by Choi Jae Woong).

Last week, Yoo Soo Bin (played by Kim Hyang Gi) and Choi Jun Woo unintentionally began dating secretly. Because Yoo Soo Bin’s mom places high importance on her daughter’s grades, the couple couldn’t muster the courage to tell her about their relationship. Yoo Soo Bin also broke down in tears as she expressed regret over stopping her parents’ divorce when she was young. Choi Jun Woo comforted her with a warm embrace but was surprised by Yoo Soo Bin’s mom who visited his rooftop home and expressed her rage at seeing them together.

In the stills, Choi Jun Woo looks excited with a bright smile on his face as he rides his bike to finally meet his father. Choi Myung Joon looks at his son with a heavy heart and arouses curiosity about the letter Choi Jun Woo left at the doorstep of his father’s house with Yoo Soo Bin. In the past, he had gathered the courage to go to his father’s house but had returned home when his father failed to recognize him. Will Choi Jun Woo be able to make up for their regretful first meeting?

Episode 13 will tell the story of Choi Jun Woo and Yoo Soo Bin’s pain. They will comfort each other within their limits, overcome their difficulties together, and strengthen their relationship. Meanwhile, Ma Hwi Young (played by Shin Seung Ho) will shock his mother by purposefully failing his final exams.

A source from the drama commented, “What made Choi Myung Joon decide to meet Jun Woo? Jun Woo and his father’s nervewracking reunion after a long time of waiting will take place. Please stay tuned until the end to watch the growth of Jun Woo, Soo Bin, and Hwi Young as they get stronger through their own pain.”

The next episode of “Moments of 18” airs on September 2 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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