Watch: gugudan, Cherry Bullet, DreamCatcher, DIA, WJSN, And GWSN Members Battle For Best Vocalist Title On “V-1”

On September 14, tvN’s Chuseok variety program “V-1” aired its second episode.

“V-1” is a survival program that aims to find the top female vocalist among various girl groups. In the first episode (aired September 13), Venus’s Jeong Da Kyung won over APRIL’s Jinsol, Weki Meki’s Suyeon won over fellow member Choi Yoojung, and SONAMOO’s High.D won over Cherry Bullet’s Bora.

The September 14 episode continued these one-on-one battles between contestants to see who would make it to Round 2. The episode began with gugudan’s Nayoung facing off against Cherry Bullet’s Haeyoon. Nayoung hesitated before picking her as her opponent and explained later, “I saw her [high note] performance on ‘Produce 48.'”

Nayoung performed Wonder Girls’ “Me, in” and impressed viewers not only with her powerful and flexible vocals but also her rapping skills. Haeyoon performed Ailee’s OST “Tears Stole The Heart and moved viewers with her clear voice and high range.

In the end, Haeyoon took the win and advanced to the second round by three votes, 50 to Nayoung’s 47. Nayoung laughed and said, “It’s a bit embarrassing that I lost because I picked her myself as my opponent. But I will cheer on my junior so that she can take first place.”

Next was DIA’s Jueun and DreamCatcher’s Siyeon, who talked about their friendship on stage. Siyeon said, “We go to the same hair salon and we realized that we were the same age, so we decided to be friends. And we’ve had a drink or two together.” Seeing Kang Ho Dong’s flustered expression, Jueun said, “We’re both legally adults.”

DreamCatcher’s Siyeon sang Kim Bum Soo’s “Last Love” and blew the audience away with her vocal control and unique vocal color. Jueun sang Naul’s “One’s Way Back” and surprised the audience from the very beginning with her piano playing skills.

The result for this battle between friends was also close, with a three-vote difference. Siyeon advanced to the next round with 51 votes over Jueun’s 48. Siyeon said, “I will take responsibility for the work that Jueun did and go as far as I can.” Jueun teared up and said, “I’m happy that Siyeon won, I’m glad. I’m grateful to my members for coming… I’m grateful, and I’m not crying because I lost.”

The last battle of Round 1 was WJSN’s Yoo Yeonjung against GWSN’s Seoryoung. As everyone else wanted to avoid going head-to-head with Yoo Yeonjung, who had been voted No. 1 in advance votes, GWSN’s Seoryoung ended up being her opponent.

Seoryoung sang Baek Ji Young’s OST “Don’t Forget” and showed her emotional range and vocal expression. Yoo Yeonjung sang Lee Sun Hee’s OST “Wind Flower” and did not disappoint viewers’ expectations with her powerful voice and incredibly high range.

In the end, Yoo Yeonjung took the win and moved to the second round with 65 votes to Seoryoung’s 33. Seoryoung said, “I am a little sad, but this was my first time taking the stage like this. I think that there will be more opportunities for me to sing in future, so I’ll work hard to become a singer that people will enjoy listening to.”

In Round 2, the six vocalists who qualified were split into 3-on-3 group battles. High.D, Jeong Da Kyung, and Yoo Yeonjung were in the “pink” group, while Siyeon, Haeyoon, and Suyeon were in the “mint” group.

“V-1” will continue with its third and final episode on September 15 at 5:40 p.m. KST.

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