8 K-Pop Songs You Can Relate With In Any Kind of Love Situation You’re in This Christmas

Celebrations such as Christmas and New Years often bring about different relationship feels for most people. It’s that time when a warm cup of hot chocolate, a cozy blanket, or a hug from a special someone sound like the perfect way to spend the holidays. In K-dramas, watching the first snow together with the person you love has been a staple romantic scene, while other characters are depicted with moody, nostalgic feelings during the gray, winter cold. Whether you’re single, coupled, searching, or simply don’t care about having somebody⁠—we got you covered with cool sounds that will soothe your soul and sweet music that will make you want to fall in love this season.

Getting to know stage


Ah, the push and pull of the early stages of love. It’s the part where you both know you like each other, but haven’t really quite made it official yet. Some people find this the hardest phase because nothing is fully expressed, so either one is not sure about the whole situation. BOL4 summarized this feeling in their song, “Some” (썸) which has acquired a different meaning in Korean dating. It simply means you’re in an ambiguous relationship, and both are not allowed to be called a boyfriend or girlfriend until it’s made perfectly clear.

Go away, no don’t go away
Show me your heart, no don’t show it to me
All day, only your smile is in my head
Do you wanna just go out?

Translation: Genius

Another song that perfectly captures this is SoYou and JunggiGo’s song with the same title.
These days,
It feels like you’re mine, it seems like you’re mine but not
It feels like I’m yours, it seems like I’m yours but not
What are we?
I’m confused, don’t be aloof

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The Love Confession

Brown Eyed Soul’s MV and song “Your night, my morning” shows that nerve-wracking feeling when you’re waiting for that person’s “yes” or “no” after your love confession. Their soulful, melancholic voices and perfect harmonization will sweep you off your feet.

Dating Stage

Is it Friday yet? IU keeps asking this question in her song, “Friday” feat. Jang Yi-jeong, not simply because the day signals the weekend but also because it’s the time when she will finally meet her sweetheart. She tells the struggles she had while trying to keep her composure and stay patient all throughout the week. The MV is incredibly cute and she looks perfect with her partner Jang Ki Yong (he’s the king of romantic MVs it seems), especially when they cozy up to each other during the cold winter night. The song is sweet, cheerful, and her voice truly sounds like someone who is in love.

Starting to fall in love

Primary’s song featuring Maego and Suran is perhaps one of the smoothest, most sophisticated Korean songs that depict the effortlessness and light feeling of love. This song will serenade you no matter what your relationship status is, and it will transport you to a dreamlike state with their soothing vocals. It also has that Christmassy vibe at the beginning and throughout the song where you will hear the faint sound of bells ringing.

Parting Ways

Not all relationships are perfect, and sometimes it’s better to let go after trying so hard to make things work but eventually it didn’t. But living separate lives does not entirely mean that love is gone. Just like BTS’s song “Love is not Over,” where they sing about the pain of breaking up and expressing feelings of regret, longing, and wanting to bring back the love that was once shared.

Love is so painful
Goodbyes are even more painful
I can’t go on if you’re not here
Love me, love me
Come back to my arms

The reason we broke up was quite simple
Now I say that
You’re like hello and goodbye
At my beginning and my end

Translation: Genius

Being Alone

When all’s said and done in a relationship, being alone and single is inevitable. This is especially hard when you see couples happily celebrating the holidays and it brings back all those feels. Juniel’s song and MV for “I Drink Alone” depicts this stage but says that it’s okay to eat and drink alone. You can find comfort in a good meal and one can of beer. Her lyrics don’t necessarily mean being alone after a relationship fell through, it’s about acknowledging sadness, wanting to pause, forget all problems for a while and wait for a better tomorrow.

Let’s cheers and drink and forget it all
Let’s throw away all the things that passed
Seeing how I’m smiling so sadly
Makes me so upset and hurt
I wish I could be happy

Translation: Kagasa

Being happily single

Not everyone needs to be in a relationship to be happy, just like not everyone needs somebody to take care of them. That’s what makes being single great too. Being independent, strong, carefree on your own is one of the best gifts you can give yourself this Christmas. There’s no shame in being solo, just the same as it’s also fine if you’re in a relationship or want to be in one. But that also shouldn’t be a priority if there are other more important things in life that you can do. Let Heize’s “She’s fine” tell you—and this is applicable to everyone.

I said I’m fine
I said I’m happy
You’re worried about me but
How can you expect more from me than yourself?

Did you want me to cry?
I’m feeling too good to do that
There are so many fun things to do in this world
It overflows with good songs, pretty clothes
And delicious food
I have a lot to do besides fall in love
So I’ll be on my way now

Translation: Genius

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