“Roommate” Cast Reunites For New Year’s Party

The cast of SBS’s variety program “Roommate” has reunited once again!

“Roommate” first hit the air after joining the regular Sunday variety lineup in May 2014. The popular show ran for two seasons until April 2015, and the stars have continued to showcase their close friendship through mini reunions.

On January 7, various celebrities who starred in “Roommate” posted photos of the group’s latest reunion on to their Instagram. The reunion included g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung, Lee Dong Wook, Jo Se Ho, Lee Guk Joo, Girls’ Generation’s Sunny, Nana, and Heo Young Ji.

Park Joon Hyung posted, “Man, it was so nice seeing our ‘Roommate’ family who met up for the first time in a long while. Next time, let’s get together with the other members!” In the hashtags, he explained that the dark lighting was because they were at karaoke. He also added that they all ended up looking like ghosts in the picture because they took the photo close to the TV’s light in order to hide the messy left over snacks on the table.

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요오우~ 오랜만의 만난 울 룸메이트가족쓰들 너어무방가웟다 매에엔~다음엔 나머지멤버들도다 함께에쓰 기릿~!빼에엠~!!! Yo~ As ALWAYS it was AWESOME meeting up with my "Roommate" Fam! Some of the members couldn't make it BUT fosho next we will ALL hava REUNION! BBBAAAMMM!!! #지오디 #fangod #박준형 #이동욱 #조세호 #이국주 #써니 #나나 #허영지 #JoonPark #ParkJoonHyung #LeeDongWook #ChoSaeHo #GookJu #Sunny #NaNa #YoungJiHur #Roommates #sbsRoommates #sbs룸메이트 #룸메이트 #가족 #다음앤다들모여서우리룸메이트리유니언하나찍쨔차암나 #노래방애서사진찍엇는대조명어둡구태이블애있는지저분쓰한오징어쓰조각이랑땅콩쓰조각들가릴라구태래비화면조명앞애서찍었더니다들귀쉰쓰들처럼나왓내차암나 #기릿 #빼애앰 #SeoulKorea #Kpop

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Jo Se Ho also uploaded a group photo along with the simple caption, “It’s always good to see you, and it was also a happy night.”

Sunny shared, “The new year’s party celebrating 2020 with the ‘Roommate’ family who still love each other just as always even though six years have passed!!.. It was such a shame some family members couldn’t attend due to work, so let’s all meet together for sure next time~!!”

Finally, Lee Guk Joo also used the hashtags to describe the group’s six-year-long friendship, sharing that they always have fun when they meet up.” She also hilariously added, “Nana… please… get away from me. Unnie’s face size…” She also complimented Lee Dong Wook’s pose with an umbrella while asking for Jo Se Ho to return her shoes.

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