Worth The Anticipation: 5 Reasons To Watch “Three Lives, Three Worlds: The Pillow Book”

Dilraba Dilmurat and Vengo Gao reunite in the highly anticipated adaptation “Three Lives, Three Worlds: The Pillow Book.” Bai Feng Jiu (Dilraba Dilmurat) is the next ruler in line for her fox clan. She falls for Dong Hua Dijun (Vengo Gao), who saves her life when she nearly gets attacked by demons. In order to repay her debt to Dong Hua Dijun, Feng Jiu enters Tai Chen Palace, Dong Hua’s residence, as a fox in the hopes of not only finding a way to return the favor but to also win Dong Hua’s heart. The two go through numerous trials, but will fate have them finally come together? Those who love fantasy romance dramas will definitely want to catch this, and here are some reasons why you should watch now!

Warning: minor spoilers for the drama below.

Actors reprise their roles from “Eternal Love”

As some of you may know, when a related series to an already existing drama gets produced, it’s not always guaranteed that the drama will have actors return to play their characters. Luckily for “Eternal Love” fans, Dilraba and Vengo Gao, who respectively played Bai Feng Jiu and Dong Hua Dijun, are reprising their roles (and this time as leads) in their very own drama!

Some other familiar faces returning are Wang Xiao, who plays Si Ming, and Wayne Liu, although this time he’s playing the comedic character Yan Chi Wu. Other familiar characters such as Zhe Yan, the Phoenix immortal, and Bai Zhen are also a part of this series but with new actors taking on the roles. In any case, it’s exciting to see both the old and new cast members come together for the adaptation of Feng Jiu and Dong Hua’s love story.

A storyline different from “Eternal Love”

For new viewers who haven’t watched “Eternal Love,” do not fret because “Three Lives, Three Worlds: The Pillow Book” is a new and separate story from its related series. This show, in particular, is an adaptation of its novel so there is no need to have seen “Eternal Love” to understand Feng Jiu and Dong Hua’s romance. Fans who are familiar with the couple will get source material from the novel that the aforementioned drama did not have the rights to portray, which is exciting since it won’t just be a retelling of a narrative we’re already familiar with.

Yang Mi makes an appearance as Bai Qian in this drama

Of course, for viewers aching for some “Eternal Love” connections, the writers have made sure to include references to Bai Qian, Feng Jiu’s aunt, and they have also included Ah Li (Bai Qian and Ye Hua’s son) in the drama! What’s even more thrilling is that Yang Mi will be making an appearance since this show is produced by the company she is under. Everyone who is missing Qing Qiu’s Gugu should tune in to watch her on the screen again!

The decent CGI and special effects

CGI in dramas is usually a miss because there isn’t a big enough budget to splurge on it like movies can. However, the CGI for this drama is actually pretty decent. Feng Jiu’s fox form especially is nicely done. The other special effects used to make this world celestial and mystical are also well done! It’s pretty clear that this drama has a good enough budget to make sure the designs of the fantasy world are elaborate and give off the vibes of what the heavenly domain might look like.

Feng Jiu’s character setup

Feng Jiu starts off as a character that has been spoiled and loved by everyone around her. She’s also the only red nine-tailed fox in existence and is known for her beauty. Because of growing up in such an environment, Feng Jiu has an immature personality in the beginning and will unknowingly get herself into deep trouble at times. While I do enjoy the cute troublemaker Feng Jiu who fawns over Dong Hua, I’m really looking forward to how she transforms as the arcs unravel. The writers have made a good setup for her character development and I cannot wait to witness the process of Feng Jiu becoming a dignified ruler of her Qing Qiu clan.

“Three Lives, Three Worlds: The Pillow Book” definitely lives up to expectations. It’s an aesthetically pleasing drama with a great world to explore and it features a relationship that not only crosses different lifetimes but is able to showcase the cute, the angsty, and the melodramatic romance of its leads. There’s a good amount of humor and cheesiness to balance the more sad moments of the show too. The secondary characters also provide a nice comedic relief and will have you rooting for their success in love. So far, it’s been a fun watch, and it’s definitely welcoming that we get a new plot for our two lead characters. If you’re hesitating on watching this series, give it a try. It’s a binge-worthy drama to add to your watch list!

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