Yoo In Na Shares Funny Discussion With IU About Their Thoughts On Marriage

Yoo In Na shared what she thinks about possibly getting married one day!

On the February 24 episode of JTBC’s new talk show “7.7 Billion in Love,” the panel was talking about wedding ceremonies. Host Kim Heechul asked co-host Yoo In Na whether she’d want a small wedding, big wedding, or no wedding ceremony.

“It’s possible that I might not get married,” replied Yoo In Na.

She explained, “IU said to me one day, ‘Let’s not get married!’ so I said, ‘Okay! Let’s not!'”

Yoo In Na went on to say that after some time passed, IU said, “I think it would be good to get married! Let’s get married!” Yoo In Na said she responded, “Okay! Let’s do that!”

As everyone laughed, Yoo In Na mentioned how young people tend to change their minds a lot. She then added, “I’m not sure about what she’ll do, but if I meet the right person, then I’ll get married.”

The actress went on to say that she’d like to hold a small wedding, and that she’d try to convince her fiancé if he wanted to skip having a ceremony. She explained that she feels that getting through the emotions and process of a wedding ceremony helps a couple to bond because they could feel as though they got through something together.

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