Watch: Upcoming JTBC Crime Drama Shares Glimpse Of The Difficult Life Of Detectives In 1st Teaser

On June 1, JTBC released a first look at the upcoming drama “The Good Detective”!

Starring Son Hyun Joo, Jang Seung Jo, and Lee Elijah, “The Good Detective” is a crime investigation drama about detectives who never give up in their quest to uncover the ugly truth, and it will portray the real world of detectives who want to catch the culprit no matter what.

Son Hyun Joo will play Gang Do Chang, a detective of 18 years who is armed with toughness and loyalty unique to the investigative team. His investigative methods are based on experience and personal connections rather than scientific investigation or excellent reasoning.

Jang Seung Jo will take on the role of Oh Ji Hyuk, an elite detective of nine years who does not share his feelings with others due to pain he experienced when he was young. He is not swayed by money and power, even with the huge wealth he inherited from his uncle.

Lee Elijah will be Jin Seo Kyung, a reporter of five years at Jeonghan Daily, one of the four major daily newspapers, in Gyeonggi Province. She is often misunderstood due to her fiery personality, but she firmly pushes through her ideas without being daunted by any external pressure.

The teaser starts off with a man’s voiceover, asking, “Do you know what’s the most efficient way to cover up a case? it’s getting rid of the victim forever.” On screen, a watch drops onto the ground as a man drags a dead woman out of a car.

One day, someone calls Gang Do Chang and nonchalantly confesses, “I kidnapped and killed a girl.” Gang Do Chang can’t ignore this, and he vows to get the one behind it, saying, “If I keep silent, too, there will be no one else to talk to.” He then angrily demands, “Don’t you feel sorry for the dead? Don’t you have any conscience?”

The teaser also unveils three other characters. Oh Ji Hyuk ruthlessly goes after criminals as his voiceover calmly claims, “We don’t have time. Don’t waste your emotions on something useless.” Oh Ji Hyuk’s cousin Oh Jong Tae (Oh Jung Se) looks distrustfully at Oh Ji Hyuk, while reporter Jin Seo Kyung gazes off into the distance with a concerned expression. The ambiguous mysteriousness increases the curiosity of the drama’s unpredictable development.

“The Good Detective” will premiere on July 6 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

Watch the full teaser below!

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