Song Joong Ki And Lawyer Involved In Recent Rumor Warn Of Potential Legal Action

Song Joong Ki and the lawyer involved in a recent dating rumor with him have issued statements warning of potential legal action.

On June 11, Song Joong Ki’s agency denied the rumors that Song Joong Ki was dating a lawyer. As part of these rumors, the lawyer’s personal information was made available through various mobile instant messaging services.

On June 12, the law firm of the lawyer in question issued a warning against criminal activities like spreading misinformation and sharing unauthorized personal information. Song Joong Ki’s agency also issued a follow-up statement.

The law firm’s statement reads as follows:

This is Lee & Ko.

One of the lawyers at our firm has been involved in a false rumor that she is dating Song Joong Ki, and her personal information and false information about her private life has been indiscriminately shared on social media, online broadcasts, and portal sites.

It is a serious criminal act to spread false rumors and reveal someone’s personal information. We ask that people stop circulating these rumors and delete posts with false information.

As a law firm, in order to protect our lawyer, we are monitoring the spread of false information. If this criminal behavior continues, we will seek criminal and civil action in the form of criminal charges and damage lawsuits.

Thank you.

The agency’s statement reads as follows:

This is an announcement from History D&C.

We are issuing a strong warning against those who are inventing and spreading misinformation and false speculation about our artists without evidence. The indiscriminate spread of false information and the reproduction of rumors that exaggerate the truth are clear examples of criminal behavior.

As an agency, we cherish our artists and we will protect their basic rights. We intend to pursue civil and criminal action against tabloid articles about our artist, the starters and spreaders of malicious rumors about our artist, and malicious commenters who slander our artist out of spite.

We plan to continue actively monitoring the situation in order to prevent further harm. We will do our best to protect our artist’s rights. Thank you.

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