“To All The Guys Who Loved Me” Writer Explains Why She’s Grateful To Stars Hwang Jung Eum, Yoon Hyun Min, And Seo Ji Hoon

Lee Eun Young, the writer of KBS 2TV’s “To All the Guys Who Loved Me,” has shared her thoughts on the upcoming drama and its three stars!

“To All the Guys Who Loved Me” is a romantic comedy starring Hwang Jung Eum as Seo Hyun Joo, a woman who gives up on love and marriage after repeated heartbreaks lead her to the conclusion that all men are alike. Just when she has finally thrown in the towel, two men who are polar opposites suddenly walk into her life and engage in a fierce battle to win her over. 

Yoon Hyun Min will star as Hwang Ji Woo, the seemingly cold CEO of a pharmaceutical company, while Seo Ji Hoon will play Park Do Kyum, a famous webtoon author who is a close friend of Seo Hyun Joo’s.

Describing the inspiration behind the drama, writer Lee Eun Young remarked, “If past lives existed, and you had the ability to remember them, would you choose to marry the person who was your husband in your past life? Are the people who choose not to get married perhaps rejecting marriage because they were traumatized in a past life? These kinds of thoughts were what made me start writing this story.”

The writer went on to explain, “In a time when not getting married is becoming a common choice, I wanted to ponder what kind of concerns someone who doesn’t want to get married would have about love.” She added, “I’m trying hard not to glorify or paint a negative picture of one side or another.”

Lee Eun Young also sang the praises of the three stars who will be forming a tense love triangle as the drama’s three leads. “When I first started conceiving the drama,” she said, “I had specific actors in mind as I created the characters and story, in addition to deciding on the tone of the dialogue. All three actors match up 99.999 percent to the characters as I imagined them, including their physical appearances and the tone of their acting.”

“Through their acting,” she continued, “they’ve created a Hyun Joo, Ji Woo, and Do Kyum that are far more appealing than the characters in the script, so I’m very grateful to them.”

Finally, Lee Eun Young shared, “Because the genre of the drama is romantic comedy, the question I’m paying the most attention to while writing is ‘How can I make the viewers smile happily while watching this drama?’ I hope that the time viewers spend watching the drama is the part of their day that makes them laugh and feel their hearts flutter the most.”

“To All the Guys Who Loved Me” premieres on July 6 at 9:30 p.m. KST and will be available with English subtitles on Viki. In the meantime, check out the latest teaser for the drama here!

While you wait, watch Seo Ji Hoon in his recent drama “Meow the Secret Boy” with English subtitles below:

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