Girl Group Main Vocalist Charms The Panel With Her Range In “The King Of Mask Singer”

On the July 5 episode of MBC’s “The King of Mask Singer,” four contestants challenged Madame Rose in her search for her second consecutive crown.


The first match-up of Round 2 was between Dalgona and Old Sergeant. Dalgona sang Lyn’s “But We Loved” and impressed the audience with her emotional and vocal range, showing a more flexible range of skills than in the first round. Old Sergeant sang Shin Hae Chul’s “Jazz Café” and made the audience groove to his unique tone and mid-pitched narration.

After the performance, Dalgona shared that she was a huge fan of WINNER. She danced to WINNER songs alongside Kang Seung Yoon, who was on the show as a panelist.

Yoo Young Suk said, “As usual, it’s so difficult to judge. Listening to Old Sergeant’s performance was like riding a horse without the reins and keeping one’s balance. You know that it’s dangerous, but your heart is racing because it’s so cool. Dalgona showed us a performance that we couldn’t have imagined. She is very detailed in expressing truth and delicacy. I think it’s possible that she could challenge the current champion.” Lee Yoon Seok added, “Dalgona did not make a step out of place. Old Sergeant’s performance did not have a single moment when it wasn’t interesting.”

In the end, Old Sergeant advanced with a single vote difference to the next round. Dalgona unmasked to reveal herself as Kim Chaewon, APRIL’s main vocalist.

Chaewon said, “A strange thing happened when I was cast for this show. I met up with a friend at a café and they said, ‘Why don’t you go on ‘The King of Mask Singer?’ I replied that I’d wanted to since my debut, but that I’d never gotten a chance. I joked that I would even go in the face mask that I was wearing outside. That evening, the manager told me that I would be going on the show.”

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