Update: Kim Seo Hyung, Ok Ja Yeon, And More Offered Roles In Drama Lee Bo Young Is In Talks For

Updated December 29 KST:

More actors may be joining “Blue Diamond” (working title)!

On December 29, a source from tvN shared Kim Seo Hyung, Ok Ja Yeon, Park Hyuk Kwon, Park Won Sook, and Ye Soo Jung are in talks for the project.

Lee Bo Young is still reviewing the offer, and Ko So Young, who was previously reported to join, will not be able to star in the drama due to conflicting schedules.

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Lee Bo Young and Ko So Young may be joining the lineup for a new tvN drama!

On October 16, Xportsnews reported that according to sources in the industry, Lee Bo Young has received the script for the drama “Blue Diamond” (working title), which is in talks to air on tvN. Ko So Young is also reportedly in talks for the project.

The drama is described by Xportsnews as a story of mystery and passion about the true identities and painful love of a group of ambitious people in the upper class. While they seem to have everything and live a glamorous life, the drama puts a spotlight on their unhappiness.

The cast of characters reportedly includes Seo Hee Soo, the second daughter-in-law of of a chaebol group and a former top actress who’s been on the fast track to success since she was young. She’ll show her true self as she experiences adversity. The secretive character Kang Ja Kyung is the first love of Han Ji Yong, who’s the second son of a chaebol family, and she’s also the tutor of his son Ha Joon. Meanwhile, Jung Seo Hyun is the cute and elegant daughter of a chaebol family that becomes the first daughter-in-law of the chaebol group through a marriage of convenience.

Later on October 16, a source from Lee Bo Young’s agency J,WIDE-COMPANY stated, “She’s considering it, as it’s one of the works she’s received an offer for.”

OSEN reports that the drama’s working title has been changed to “MINE.”

The script is penned by Baek Mi Kyung, the writer behind dramas including “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” “The Lady in Dignity,” “Miracle that We Met,” and “Melting Me Softly.” It’s reportedly planned that Lee Na Jung will be directing, after helming works such as “Fight For My Way” and “Love Alarm.”

Lee Bo Young has acted in dramas including “Whisper,” “Mother,” and most recently “When My Love Blooms.” Ko So Young’s filmography includes the movies “Beat” and “A Day” and dramas such as “Ms. Perfect.”

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