“Cheat On Me If You Can” Previews Complicated Ties Between Characters With Relationship Chart

Upcoming KBS 2TV drama “Cheat on Me If You Can” released an intricate character relationship chart!

“Cheat on Me If You Can” is a comedic mystery thriller about adults who get up to all sorts of bad behavior. Jo Yeo Jeong stars as Kang Yeo Joo, a murder mystery novelist who spends all day thinking up different ways to kill people. Go Joon co-stars as her husband Han Woo Sung, a divorce lawyer who signed a contract with his wife that says, “If you cheat, you die.”

First off, Kang Yeo Joo and Han Woo Sung are a married couple, and they are linked to different people.

Kang Yeo Joo and her housekeeper Yeom Jin Ok (Song Ok Soon) have a solid relationship based on trust. Cha Soo Ho (Kim Young Dae), a handsome part-time worker at a convenience store, is labeled as someone who could either be Kang Yeo Joo’s stalker or surveillant. The mysterious novelist is also connected to the publishing team and violent crimes unit.

On the other hand, Han Woo Sung is linked to various people in the field of law, including his best friend and manager Son Jin Ho (Jung Sang Hoon), lawyer Park Hye Kyung (Han Soo Yeon), and political consultant Nam Ki Ryong (Kim Do Hyun). Then there’s Go Mi Rae (Yeonwoo), a beautiful art college student who isn’t linked to anyone.

The drama’s production crew promised a thrilling and interesting story and added the cast and crew are doing their best for filming.

“Cheat on Me If You Can” will premiere on December 2. Check out the latest teaser here!

In the meantime, watch Go Joon in “Oh My Baby“:

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