Park Hye Soo's Agency Refutes Testimonies Given By Alleged Witnesses Of School Violence

Park Hye Soo’s agency has released a detailed official statement to counter new claims.

Park Hye Soo was recently accused of having committed school violence, and the actress’s agency Studio Santa Claus Entertainment denied the accusations. On February 24, one of the alleged victims, referred to as “K,” participated in an interview where she shared her account of the alleged bullying. Park Hye Soo’s agency stated that they were collecting evidence to prove the accusations false and shared their plans to take legal action against malicious slander.

On March 3, Dispatch released a report containing friendly messages shared between Park Hye Soo and K during middle school. The Dispatch report also included interviews with witnesses who stated that the assaults at the karaoke and the playground were carried out by other students, who will be referred to as “P” and “E” (referred to as “D” and “C” in Dispatch’s article), respectively.

On March 4, Sports World revealed an interview with P and E. P, who was identified as the assailant at the playground, stated, “I sincerely apologized to K, and we’re on good terms now. I was one of the ones who assaulted K at the time. Park Hye Soo was at the karaoke, the location of the first round of assault.”

He continued, “The first assault happened at a neighborhood karaoke. Park Hye Soo incited me to assault K, saying, ‘She badmouths you behind your back,’ and I did. It’s true that I was too hot-tempered at the time. I hit K’s face at the karaoke. It’s true. I even remember which karaoke it was.

“I wasn’t there at the second round, and in the third assault at the playground, three people including me and Park Hye Soo hit K. K was severely hurt, and I admit that I hit her the most.”

He added, “If someone says, ‘Park Hye Soo didn’t hit her,’ that person either wasn’t there, or they weren’t directly involved in it.”

E, who was identified as the assailant at the karaoke in Dispatch’s report, stated, “I was at the first and third rounds of assault. The reason I did that was because Park Hye Soo said to me, ‘K badmouthed your friend.’ So when I saw the claim that Park Hye Soo wasn’t at the karaoke, I was speechless. I cannot agree with the claim that Park Hye Soo was not there.”

Regarding the assault at the playground, E shared, “There were a lot of people then. The boy and Park Hye Soo both took part in the assault. I can’t forget the image of K covered in blood.”

E added that she had later reached out and apologized to K, who accepted her apology.

Following the new reports, Studio Santa Claus Entertainment released a new statement to refute some of the claims that were made. Read the agency’s statement below:

Hello. This is Studio Santa Claus.

We would like to share our official statement regarding the reports about actress Park Hye Soo.

1) Those who are currently claiming that Park Hye Soo perpetrated school violence are making completely false claims. Their claims do not coincide with the objective evidence, and they are even contradicting their previous words and actions. As the claims of those asserting school violence are false, the accounts shared by those related to these false claims are also false.

2) This is our position on the claims made by [K], the main individual making the claims.

A) While alleging to be a victim, [K] stated that Park Hye Soo inflicted school violence on her, that she was assaulted multiple times to the extent of being covered in blood, and that Park Hye Soo called [K’s] father and cursed at him.

However, in the many text messages [K] sent to Park Hye Soo after the point in time she claims she was assaulted, none of the messages contained any sort of content that would suggest that the assault happened.

If anything, when Park Hye Soo did not respond to her messages in a timely manner, [K] sent Park Hye Soo the message “Hye Soo, don’t ghost me,” to warn her.

Based on common sense, it is hard to accept that the victim [K] would send Park Hye Soo a message like, “Don’t ghost me,” when Park Hye Soo should be someone to fear as she had assaulted or taken part in assaulting [K] multiple times to the extent that she was covered in blood and even called [K’s] father to curse at him.

B) On March 4, 2021, [K] stated in a press interview, “The assault happened in 2010 (third year of middle school), and the karaoke photo is from a year before the time of the assault (2009, second year of middle school).

However, the photo in question was taken in 2010, and this can be clearly verified through the image file data. Therefore, it is clear that [K’s] claims in the press interview are false.

C) Moreover, as revealed in the previous article and witness testimonies, Park Hye Soo was not at the karaoke at the time, and she was also not at the shopping complex where the second round of assault allegedly took place. This is in exact accordance with the testimonies of the witnesses who were at the scene.

By looking at the report that was published and the related witness testimonies, it can be confirmed that Park Hye Soo was not involved in any way in the first and second cases. It can also be confirmed that the assailant in the third “playground” case was not Park Hye Soo, contrary to what was claimed. The assailant is clearly mentioned in the March 4 interview, and he states that it was himself.

D) Moreover, [K] has been continuously changing her claims based on the information being revealed through the press, raising greater suspicions about the validity of her claims.

The initial accusation was that the victim was hit on the face by Park Hye Soo (February 22 on social media), but it then changed to “a group attack” and “instigation of violence” (February 24 on social media and an interview). The extent of the damage and what was being claimed changed from moment to moment. And now, they are claiming that Park Hye Soo was the cause behind the assault (March 4 interview).

3) We have already submitted complaints against those who spread false information, and the investigation is currently ongoing. We have also submitted several pieces of evidence including the ones revealed in the press, and we plan to submit additional evidence that we are collecting.

We will also widen the bounds of the legal action we have taken to include those who are making further false claims to justify the false accusations.

4) We will make those who make false accusations take heavy legal responsibility. We ask you once more to avoid sharing groundless speculations and slander.

Thank you.

Meanwhile, Park Hye Soo’s upcoming drama “Dear.M” has announced that it will delay its premiere.

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