Kim Hwan Hee, Yoo Sun, And Lee Soon Jae Confirmed To Star In New Movie

Kim Hwan Hee, Yoo Sun, and Lee Soon Jae have been cast in the new movie “Hello” (working title).

On March 25, the film confirmed that the three actors had been cast and said that filming would begin in April.

“Hello” is a humane drama about the various stories that occur at a hospice ward in which a young girl named named Soo Mi (Kim Hwan Hee) is waiting for death.

Kim Hwan Hee stars as Soo Mi, who is abandoned at birth and has no one in life she can depend on. After gritting her teeth and fighting for her own survival, she begins to find a little bit of hope and growth.

Yoo Sun stars as Seo Jin, an unmarried mother who misses her daughter. She lost her daughter five years ago and works as a volunteer at the hospice ward to recover from her grief.

Lee Soon Jae stars as In Soo, an old man who is studying Hangeul in order to lear how to express himself before his imminent death.

“Hello” will be director Cha Bong Joo’s first feature-length film. He has built up his experience in directing theater as well as award-winning short films.

Check out Kim Hwan Hee in “I’ll Go to You When the Weather Is Nice” below!

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