9 K-Pop Idols With Adorable Bunny-Like Features

There’s no cuter animal than a sweet baby bunny – and the idols on this list are equally as adorable! They always capture fans’ hearts with their bunny-like visuals and charms. Without further ado (and in no particular order), here are nine K-pop idols who look just like cute bunnies.

1. NCT’s Doyoung

NCT’s vocalist Doyoung has totally embraced his resemblance to a rabbit, and even uses a rabbit emoji when posting on social media so that fans know it’s him. His round eyes and small nose are super similar to those of the world’s cutest herbivore, and he even resembles a rabbit when he eats!

2. MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul

MAMAMOO’s rapper Moonbyul has a sultry voice that’s totally at odds with her adorable features – especially her bunny-like smile! Her big, beautiful grin is totally reminiscent of a rabbit, and her habit of scrunching her nose when she laughs definitely increases the resemblance.

3. Kang Daniel

Former Wanna One member and soloist Kang Daniel has a lot of charms, including his hidden ability: he can make his face perfectly resemble that of a rabbit! It’s a unique and totally adorable talent, and fans were quick to note how his front teeth, button nose, and round cheeks make him look like a big bunny.

4. CLC’s Yujin

She may not be the youngest member of CLC, but Yujin is definitely the group’s fake maknae – and her bunny-like visuals add to her sweet, youthful appearance! Her small face, soft features, and of course her adorable toothy smile earned her the nickname “Choi Bunny.”

5. TXT’s Soobin

For their “Cat and Dog” comeback, the members of TXT had a photo shoot with some truly adorable animals. It’s pretty hard not to notice leader Soobin’s resemblance to the cute little bunny – with his round eyes, plump cheeks, and toothy grin, it’s nearly impossible to deny it!

6. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

Jisoo has truly earned her nickname “Jisoo Turtle Rabbit Kim” with her gorgeous visuals. She’s the perfect combination of sweet and sophisticated, and her bright eyes combined with her bunny-like smile add a layer of cuteness to her glamorous image. Her adorable personality and youthful looks are irresistible!

7. EXO’s Xiumin

It’s hard not to notice how well this rabbit-ear hat suits EXO’s eldest member Xiumin – maybe it has something to do with his soft, bunny-like facial features and toothy smile! EXO fans have often pointed out just how much Xiumin resembles a rabbit, and the ending from his “Let it XIUnow” V Live only confirmed the theory.

8. TWICE’s Nayeon

TWICE’s Nayeon may be the eldest member of the group, but she’s also the resident aegyo queen and adorable bunny. Her bunny-like front teeth are especially emphasized when she smiles, and they only add to her charms. With the addition of the bunny hat, the resemblance is even stronger!

9. BTS’s Jungkook

This bunny costume suits BTS’s maknae Jungkook almost a little too well – probably because he looks so much like an adorable baby bunny! His big, bright eyes and bunny smile along with his toned physique has earned him the nickname “Muscle Bunny,” and the nickname seems to suit him just as well as the onesie.

Are there any other idols that look like cute little bunnies? Tell us in the comments!

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