3 Reasons Our Eyes Were Glued To The Screen This Week On “Kingdom”

We’ve entered the second week of “Kingdom: Legendary War,” where we not only find out the three final rankings from the Introduction Stage but are also treated to three breathtaking performances.

Warning: Results for the Introduction Stage coming up! 

The theme for the official first round is “To The World.” The teams are tasked to dig into their discography and find a song that they want to show the world or contains a message that they want to share.

As Stray Kids was the winner of the first round (leading with a gap of around 120k votes), they were given the benefit of deciding the performance order for this round.

The complete results for the Introduction Stage. 

All three of the performances were naturally amazing, but here are three specific reasons that kept our eyes glued to the screen this week:

All the hands

The first team to step on the stage was THE BOYZ, and wow, they absolutely hit it out of the park with their rearrangement of “No Air (A Song of Ice and Fire).” In order to better capture the essence of struggle and desperation à la no air, the boys went to a facility where they could experience being submerged under water. The high quality underwater shots that were later shown were absolute treats!

The performance itself had a very clear concept running throughout, and they nailed the “showing their desperation” part. The first person POV where female hands were interacting with the boys throughout was also very interesting, and it made the whole performance even more immersive.

And when I say all the hands, I mean all the hands. Just check this out:

Check out their full performance here:

The discography flex

The second team to perform was iKON, who — to the surprise of everyone — placed sixth in the Introduction Stage. So for this first round, they promised to grit their teeth and come out swinging.

The problem was, they couldn’t decide on which song to perform. Yes, they have just too many songs. *Insert “first world problems” meme*

After throwing out tens of candidates, they decided to ask for others’ opinions. Chan called fellow competitor SF9’s Chani, while Bobby and Donghyuk called WINNER‘s Song Mino and Kang Seung Yoon. After listening to their suggestions, iKON decided to mash up two of their songs, “Love Scenario” and “Killing Me.” (Does this mean Chani will need to leave the stage for 10 seconds next week? Heh!)

They went with a musical theater style, and the rearrangement (and dance) for “Love Scenario” was super fun. It segued into an intense “Killing Me” dance break, which again reminded everyone of just what great dancers the iKON members are.

Meanwhile, Minhyuk…

Check out their full performance here:


BTOB was the third team to hit the stage. They chose “Missing You” because it was their most popular ballad with seven music show wins, and it also carried the message of them missing Melodies (their fans) and their other members who are currently serving in the military.

This rendition of “Missing You” has a strong traditional twist. From the costumes to the traditional instrument-heavy arrangement to the staging and to the warrior who came out slaying at 2:10. (It’s actually at 2:20, but if Eunkwang says it’s 2:10, then it’s 2:10). Yes, I’m talking about Minhyuk. The other three totally hyped his solo bit and for good reason. Besides, they’ve mentioned more than once that Minhyuk was the one who pushed them to come on the show, so this man deserves all the love.

With the harmonizing, vocal runs, and falling cherry blossoms, this was one goosebumps-inducing performance.

Oh yes, and there’s Minhyuk looking straight into the camera while *cough* disrobing.

Not. Oh. Kay. 

Literally everyone. 

Check out their full performance here:

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Which of these performances was your favorite? Did you also swoon when Minhyuk looked straight into the camera? Let us know in the comments below. 

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