Watch: Kang Daniel Hangs Out With His Cats + MAMAMOO’s Hwasa And Henry Bicker In Preview For “Home Alone” (“I Live Alone”)

MBC’s “Home Alone” (“I Live Alone”) has shared a sneak peek of its upcoming episode featuring Kang Daniel!

In a newly released preview for the reality show’s next episode, Kang Daniel keeps his promise from last year to make a proper appearance on “Home Alone.” The clip begins with the singer declaring, “I’ve come here to keep that promise. I’m Kang Daniel.”

As the preview shows glimpses of his relaxing life at home with his cat, Kang Daniel says in voice-over, “To be honest, I like being at home the best. When I wake up after going to sleep, my cats are there. Every day is healing. I like living alone.”

The famous homebody then bravely ventures outside to enjoy the spring weather, explaining, “I noticed that there were no clouds in the sky today, so I plan to go skateboarding.” However, he soon returns home after adorably complaining that it’s cold out.

“After I chose this profession,” shares Kang Daniel, “I think I’ve become very conscious of the gaze of others. I like living on my own.”

In the second half of the preview, MAMAMOO’s Hwasa and Henry pay a visit to Kim Kwang Gyu at his home. Hwasa jokes, “I feel like I’ve come to visit my grandpa’s house.”

Sure enough, the visit soon ends up feeling like a family affair, with Henry and Hwasa showcasing a hilarious sibling-esque dynamic. After a sneak peek of the two stars excitedly joking around together, the caption teases that “they suddenly start fighting,” prompting Kim Kwang Gyu to scold from the kitchen, “Kids, you need to get along!”

Later, Henry and Hwasa act out a skit together, much to Kim Kwang Gyu’s delight, before they all sit down for a delicious meal. All three stars then relax together in one room, with Hwasa exclaiming, “I really like it here. This is healing.” Henry agrees, “This is great,” and Kim Kwang Gyu heartwarmingly chimes in, “I feel like we’ve gotten closer. Being here together like this, it really feels like we’re one family.”

The next episode of “Home Alone” will air on April 23. In the meantime, check out the new preview below!

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