GOT7’s JB (JAY B) Shares His Goal Of Releasing 1 GOT7 Album A Year + Opens Up About Past 7 Years

In a recent interview and pictorial for Beauty+ magazine, GOT7’s JB (JAY B) opened up about his time with the group and his hopes for their future.

Speaking about his concerns as an artist, the GOT7 leader revealed, “Because I’m a perfectionist by nature, whatever I do, I want to do it properly and solidly. When I was worrying over what I should do and how I could do better, I listened to the stories of people like my parents and older friends who had experienced things before me, and that had a big influence on my music and my life.”

He went on to share, “GOT7 didn’t go the way I’d planned, but thanks to that, we became a group that is able to pull off a wide variety of songs, like ‘Look‘ or ‘Breath,’ and we were also able to leave a deep impression on our fans. Similarly, I hope that my image [as an artist] won’t be fixed and confined to one image.”

JB also spoke nostalgically about his memories of performing together with his bandmates.

“Looking back on our seven years of promotions,” he said, “the moment that stands out most in my memory is from about two or three years ago, when we each put on solo performances for seven days in Thailand and also performed the song ‘Out’ together. Back then, we were really excited while performing, and I keep thinking of all seven of us being on stage together.”

Finally, JB shared that he hopes GOT7 will be able to release at least one album as a group each year.

“I plan to make an effort for us to be able to release one [GOT7] album each year,” declared JB. “And if we can perform together as well, that’d be even better.”

“Because of that,” he continued, “I talk about the things I feel from moment to moment with the other members, and we also discuss the subjects that we want to use for our album. I think that’s the least we can do for our fans.”

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