Hwang In Yeop Explains Why He Intentionally Spends Time Alone, His Favorite Personal Trait, And More

Hwang In Yeop partnered up with Marie Claire magazine for a classic and chic pictorial!

In the interview that followed, the actor explained the reason behind joining Instagram, where his number of followers are rising rapidly. Before someone told him he has to start posting on social media three or four years ago, he rarely took photos of himself because he found it awkward. Now, although he still feels awkward, he tries to post little by little for his fans.

After gaining popularity, Hwang In Yeop described his personal method for staying grounded as drawing a mind map. He added, “I write down my thoughts and my inner desires and try to think of them simply. I spend enough time on my own. Rather than meeting up with people, I think it’s more appropriate and helpful to my current situation to listen to music and walk alone.”

Hwang In Yeop mentioned that he couldn’t kick off his acting career earlier in his life because of his timid personality. When asked to explain further, he said, “I should have listened to myself above anyone else, but I was too busy listening to what others had to say. I probably did so because I didn’t believe in myself as an actor. I think that showed up in the form of timidity.”

Looking back on himself, Hwang In Yeop described one trait he wishes to keep throughout his whole acting career. He explained, “I’m not competitive. I don’t naturally think that I have to win or have to stand out. I don’t like to think that I have to surpass or beat someone to get to where I want to be. I want to go with the flow, as natural as possible. I’m sure this doesn’t only apply to being an actor. People on different paths must feel the same. I would be so unhappy if I made up my mind to beat others with a competitive mindset. It doesn’t go well with my personality. So when I’m with someone who is overly competitive, even with a simple game, I pretend to lose. Of course, there are times I really lose. But even then, I enjoy the process. If I’m good at something, I think that will show when the time comes. I’m starting to think that I sound like someone who is just optimistic. But what I’m trying to say is that rather than trying to win, I just work hard.”

With the interview having been focused on deep topics, the last couple questions were a bit more casual. Mentioning a small wish he has at the moment, Hwang In Yeob stated that he would like to live alone and is worried that his family might be offended if they hear the news.

If and when he does move out, he has a special activity on his to-do list. He said, “I like to cook. I made tteokbokki (stir-fried rice cakes) recently, and it was better than I expected. I think I’m pretty good at getting the taste right. I want to set the table nicely with a tablecloth, instead of just having plates. This might not last long though.”

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