TXT’s Yeonjun Reveals He Was Amazed By NU’EST’s Minhyun’s Looks After Accidentally Walking In On His Live Broadcast

TXT’s Yeonjun and NU’EST’s Minhyun had an unexpected run-in at HYBE’s new building!

In his latest Naver V Live broadcast, Minhyun was serenading his fans on the piano in a practice room when he was caught off guard by someone suddenly opening the door.

Although the unexpected visitor couldn’t be seen on camera, he clearly hadn’t realized that Minhyun was in the room—as he stammered in surprise, “Oh! Oh, I’m sorry,” while Minhyun politely replied, “Oh, hello.”

After the startled guest quickly made his exit, Minhyun turned to the camera with a smile and said, “Someone came.” He added, “I booked this room, though.”

When fans commented asking him who the mystery individual was, Minhyun asked with a laugh, “But is it okay for me to say who it was? It was TXT’s Yeonjun that came.”

After the broadcast, Yeonjun took to Weverse to share his reaction to the encounter. He also revealed that he hadn’t known until Taehyun informed him that Minhyun had actually been in the middle of a live broadcast—and that the moment had been captured on camera.

Yeonjun wrote, “I just found out because Taehyun told me, hehehehe. I’m sorry, sunbae-nim (bows),” before adding for emphasis, “I’m sorry, Minhyun-nim. Wow, I was really shocked.”

He went on to apologize to NU’EST’s fans, L.O.Λ.Es, for good measure, commenting, “It’s L.O.Λ.Es, right…? I’m sorry for [interrupting] in the middle of a V Live (bows).”

Yeonjun also adorably revealed how embarrassed he was by telling his fans, “Hehehehehe, don’t make fun of me.”

However, it wasn’t just Minhyun’s presence in the room that had caught Yeonjun off guard: apparently, he was surprised by the NU’EST’s member’s looks as well.

He went on to share, “At any rate, as soon as I went in, I was shocked because [Minhyun] was so handsome… hehehehehe.”

Although they never filmed any scenes together, Yeonjun coincidentally made a brief cameo in Minhyun’s drama “Live On” earlier this year.

Watch “Live On” with subtitles below!

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