Watch: Oh Yeon Seo And Jung Woo Are A Raging Duo In Main Poster And Teaser For Upcoming Rom-Com

Upcoming KakaoTV original drama “Crazy Person in the Area” (literal translation) has shared a poster and teaser!

The drama is about two people with their own painful stories who go through a complicated process of hurting and healing while falling in love with each other. Jung Woo will be playing No Hwi Oh, a detective in the violent crimes division who cannot control his anger. Oh Yeon Seo plays Lee Min Kyung, a woman who is caught up in her own delusions and compulsions and easily angers others.

On May 3, the drama released a powerful poster starring Jung Woo and Oh Yeon Seo. They are sitting on top of a scrapped car that has dozens of yellow parking ticket signs all over it. The front bumper is barely hanging on, and smoke is seeping out from it. The side mirrors are bent, and a “no parking” sign is sticking out from the window.

Jung Woo is wearing a bright vest labeled “patrol” and holding a baseball bat. He’s scowling with fury, and he looks like he’s about to swear any minute. On the other hand, Oh Yeon Seo is wearing a flower-patterned dress and is holding a flower-patterned umbrella. She’s wearing her trademark sunglasses, and as always, she has a flower behind her ear. Her expression is calm yet confident, and oddly enough, she makes an excellent pair with Jung Woo, who is the complete opposite of her. The short but powerful phrase on the poster reads, “If you mess with me, you die.”

The teaser begins with No Hwi Oh shouting in fury. He yells, “Why the heck are they parking their car like this?” Screaming with rage, he races towards the car and kicks it repeatedly. He starts to curse in rage, and it’s obvious he has issues controlling his anger. Lee Min Kyung appears with a “no parking” sign and a cute puppy by her side and nonchalantly walks towards the car. She stabs the front of it with the sign, and they both stand on top of the car in victory.

Watch the full teaser below!

“Crazy Person in the Area” consists of 13 episodes that are each 30 minutes long. The episodes will be released on KakaoTV at 7 p.m. KST on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays starting May 24.

In the meantime, watch Jung Woo in the film “Best Friend“:

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