Watch: “Voice 4” Cast Picks Favorite Scenes And Shares Final Thoughts On The Drama’s Conclusion

The cast of tvN’s “Voicce 4” shared their thoughts following the drama’s recent conclusion!

In the new making-of video, the cast talks about their most memorable scenes. Song Seung Heon begins by mentioning the scene in which they were chased by dogs. He adds, “There’s also a scene in which I yell at Dong Bang Min (Lee Kyu Hyung) at the hospital to bring out the hidden persona inside him. I filmed that scene while having a lot of fun, and it’s one of the scenes that remains in my memories.”

Lee Ha Na picks the scene in which Jang Ye Sook (Woo Mi Hwa) is rescued and reunites with the dog that rescued her as well as the scene in which Kang Seo Choon (Jun Moo Song) gets stabbed while trying to protect Kang Man Ho (Jo Jae Ryong) because of how emotional it is. The actress reveals that she is touched and inspired every season by the effort the supporting actors of each episode put in.

Lee Kyu Hyung picks his first physical confrontation with Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) as the most memorable scene, while Son Eun Seo and Baek Sung Hyun also pick the same scene as their favorite. Kim Joong Ki mentions the scene with actor Jun Moo Song as his most memorable one, Song Boo Gun brings up the rescue scene with the dog, and WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon talks about finally working with the Golden Time Team and meeting Lee Kyu Hyung, whom he has previously worked with through tvN’s “Prison Playbook.”

Song Seung Heon shares that he plans on exercising and having fun after the drama’s conclusion. He mentions, “Honestly, there’s nowhere to go,” adding in his hope that the situation with COVID-19 improves quickly. Lee Ha Na reveals that she wants to watch all the films that she has missed, while Lee Kyu Hyung shares that he wants to go car camping in the mountains alone.

Kim Joong Ki adds, “I should stay home!” also referring to the pandemic, and Kang Seung Yoon says that he wants to catch up on dramas, including “Voice 4” to monitor his performance.

Song Seung Heon touches upon the burden of joining the fourth season of a project, but he adds that he is grateful for everyone who helped make him feel comfortable on set. Lee Ha Na shares, “‘Voice 4’ feels like a compensation reward after waiting for a really long time. Waiting for each season always feels long, but this is a season I wanted to greet viewers with especially soon.” She adds that it felt even more special to be able to take on two different roles.

Song Boo Gun mentions that his second daughter was born during the filming and that the drama’s message about the importance of family left a deep impression on him. Kang Seung Yoon shares that the drama is a new way for him to express the last moments of his 20s.

Finally, the cast members send video messages to the Golden Time Team. Comparing his emotions to that of a transfer student, Song Seung Heon shares, “They really welcomed me, and all the Golden Time Team detectives, along with the call center director, treated me comfortably, so I’m very grateful.” Lee Ha Na explains that she will really miss her team who always support her.

To his character Dong Bang Min, Lee Kyu Hyung says, “I hope you atone for your crimes, receive proper treatment for your illness, and find peace in your heart.”

Son Eun Seo thanks the cast for brightening up the set and supporting each other so that they can become even closer, and Baek Sung Hyun states, “Golden Time Team forever.” Kim Joong Ki shares his hopes for everyone to stay healthy, and Song Boo Gun similarly expresses his hopes to see everyone again after staying healthy. Kang Seung Yoon thanks all the cast members one at a time for making great memories to cherish and for helping him play his role.

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