Kang Dong Won In Talks To Star In Remake Of Hong Kong Film

Kang Dong Won might be starring in a new remake film!

On August 26, film industry sources began reporting that Kang Dong Won was in the process of negotiating a casting offer in the movie “Accident.”

“Accident” is a remake of the 2009 Hong Kong film of the same name. It is about a contract killer named “Brain” who barely escapes with his life after a contracted murder goes wrong. He sets out to track down the person who was behind the incident, suspecting everyone around him.

Kang Dong Won’s agency, YG Entertainment, stated that Kang Dong was positively reviewing the casting offer. Kang Dong Won is reportedly in talks for the lead role of Brain.

The remake will keep the foundation of the original story but adjust the context for a Korean audience. It will be directed by Lee Yo Seob (“The Queen of Crime”). The movie is currently in the casting process for various roles and is scheduled to start filming later this year.

Kang Dong Won recently finished filming Koreeda Hirokazu’s upcoming film “Broker,” which also stars IU, Song Kang Ho, and Bae Doona.

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