Boom Announces Marriage With Heartfelt Letter

Boom is getting married!

On March 10, Boom’s agency SKY E&M released the following official statement:

Entertainer Boom will be holding his wedding at a location in Seoul on April 9 (Saturday).

[Boom] and the bride-to-be spent a long time as acquaintances, and they naturally developed into a couple by deeply empathizing and communicating with one another. They decided to get married with the firm belief that they can be partners in life before and after marriage.

Since this is a period in which everyone should be careful, the wedding will be held in private with just the parents of both families and close acquaintances. Furthermore, please be understanding that we cannot say more detailed information about the marriage due to consideration for the bride-to-be who is a non-celebrity.

We hope you send warm blessings and support for the future days of the [couple] who will experience life’s special and precious start together. [Boom] will take on greater responsibility and make efforts to show an even better side of himself on and off broadcast.

Thank you.

The same day, Boom posted a handwritten letter on his fan cafe to personally announce his marriage. He wrote:

To my reliable presence, to our CheonJaeJiBoom (Boom’s official fan club).

Thank you so much for always affectionately cheering for me who is always very lacking. It is hard for me to express this, so I could not say this properly before, but I gain great strength because JiBoom are here. I’m very grateful, and thank you.

I debuted at the young age of 17 (by Korean reckoning), and since I have only worked hard to run while looking forward, 24 years have already passed since my debut, and I am already 41 years old. These days, I am personally feeling that time is like a flowing stream. This is why I am on broadcasts with the mindset that each and every day is valuable, and through those broadcasts, I am making everyone happy with my trademark energy. I am spending every day very gratefully while feeling happiness through everyone’s love.

Today, there is something I want to say first to you all who are so valuable to me, so I am [writing] with a pen like this. I am saying this with an excited and nervous heart. I, Boom, am getting married in the warm spring on April 9.

I have met a precious person who I will be forever with while respecting one other, and we will be forming a family though trust and love. You will happily and beautifully congratulate and support us like how you treat me preciously, right?

I always had the dream of creating a happy family within my heart. Since I am getting married at a late age, I will show how we will be a happy couple overflowing with so much love that we can share it to those around us and show how I can be a great husband who sincerely looks after and embraces my wife and family. I am very nervous…

I will always continue to engrave the love I have been given in my heart, and I will be Boom with a modest attitude who can make everyone laugh. Please send lots of blessings and support. I am always grateful, and thank you. Please stay healthy as the season changes, and always be happy. I will live well.

Congratulations to the couple on their wedding!

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