12 BTS Lyrics That Deliver Golden Advice For Youth

With their upcoming comeback set to be released around their ninth anniversary, BTS is going back to their roots as they launch their anthology album titled “Proof” on June 10. This release encapsulates their musical history as a group and mirrors the members’ thoughts and perceptions between past, present, and future. On top of revisiting their previous discography and revealing old demo versions, three new tracks will also be included in the album. The septet all participated in choosing which tracks would be featured in “Proof,” and it goes without saying that a fair share of wisdom is written throughout the lines of these inspirational releases, directed first and foremost towards youth.

Selecting some of many valuable lessons that can be found in BTS’s upcoming release, here are 12 lyrics that deliver golden advice for youth.

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1. “No More Dream” – Walk your own path

“Go on your path
Even if you live for a day
Do something
Put away your weakness”

BTS’s first question to listeners was “what’s your dream?” The group firmly believes in following a path they choose for themselves instead of being told how to live. While having a dream is not a must to seize the day, confronting one’s weaknesses on a journey of self-discovery is essential for growth.

2. “N.O” – Reject things that do not represent you

“Everybody say NO!
It can’t be any later
Don’t be trapped in someone else’s dream”

How often do you say no to something that goes against your beliefs and values? Society pressures us into succumbing to a certain life pattern, and BTS is quite familiar with it. In this track, the boys choose to reject anything that goes against their own dreams and encourage their listeners to do the same.

3. “Jump” – Don’t let anything get in your way

“No matter who tries to stop me
I will go on my way
You only live once”

Determination and perseverance are key in reaching one’s goal. In “Jump,” BTS passionately sings about it and urges to seize the moment, as we only have one life so we should make the most of it.

4. “I Need U” – Make the most of your youth

“Forever we are young
Even when I fall and hurt myself
I keep running toward my dream”

We often hear that age is just a number, and BTS confirms it. Youth is a gift that can sustain the test of time when there is persistence and belief in one’s life goals.

5. “Boyz With Fun” – Embrace your quirks

“Add on another prize to my days, I’m becoming weird
You can’t go to the peak by being normal baby”

Society norms keep us tied down, and some people end up losing their authenticity in the process. According to BTS, embracing one’s quirks is what gets them to the top, and they must explore them in order to level up. Besides, what is normal nowadays anyways?

6. “Fire” – Stay true to yourself

“Who are you to compare me with others?
I’m only human
Live however you want, it’s yours anyway”

Young people often fall in the trap of comparison, forgetting that their difference is what distinguishes them as humans. BTS has been in a similar situation that led them to push for being and living according to one’s own accord.

7. “Fake Love” – Walk away from a toxic relationship

“You say I’m strange when I changed into the person you liked
You say I’m not the person you used to know
What do you mean? No, I’ve grown blind
What do you mean this is love, it’s all fake love”

Love makes up a huge part in a young adult’s life. This compound feeling is so desired that one might lose oneself in the process. BTS seems to know about this struggle, and they pinpoint the red flags that could lead to an unhealthy relationship.

8. “IDOL” – Welcome every version of yourself

“There are hundreds of me’s inside of me
I’m facing a new me again today
It’s all me anyway”

Accepting oneself is one thing, accepting all of the facets that make up one’s character can be hard to digest sometimes. That’s another thing BTS has faced before, and their message to people is to truthfully embrace every version of themselves.

9. “Epiphany” – Love yourself with all its flaws

“I’m the one I should love in this world
Me, who shines, my precious soul
Now I finally realize, so I love me
Though I may lack some things, I’m so beautiful”

Self-love and self-acceptance are crucial, especially for rising youth who face all kinds of challenges that could affect their self-esteem. Jin beautifully sings about it and stresses the fact that even flaws make us beautiful.

10. “Persona” – Stay true to yourself at all times

“Dear myself, you must never lose your temperature
Cuz you don’t need to be neither warm nor cold”

This intro by RM tackles the truth behind one’s personas and how to get to one’s soul which defines them best. The rapper addresses himself incessantly about staying true to his authentic self. This is an important reminder to always stay in touch with one’s inner being.

11. “Still With You” – Cherish your memories

“That day, that moment,
if I had known that if it would be like this,
I would’ve kept more of them in my memories”

Memories form a huge part of our lives. When we’re young and eager, we keep jumping from one event to another, forgetting to appreciate the present moment itself. Jungkook knows a thing or two about this, and he shared his two cents on the matter.

12. “Life Goes On” – Trust that things will go back to normal

“Like an echo in the forest
The day will come back around
As if nothing happened”

The past couple of years have been draining on a global scale, affecting health, education, careers, and the list goes on. As BTS eloquently phrases it through their rhymes, bad things come to an end and life takes back its usual course as if nothing ever happened.

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