Watch: Yeo Jin Goo And Moon Ga Young Have Perfect Chemistry While Filming Their 1st Scene Together For “Link”

tvN’s “Link” has shared a behind-the-scenes look at the drama!

A unique mix of fantasy, romance, and mystery, “Link” tells the story of a man who suddenly begins feeling all the emotions experienced by an unfamiliar woman with whom he shares a special “link.”

Moon Ga Young stars as restaurant employee Noh Da Hyun, who has been unlucky in both love and life, while Yeo Jin Goo will star as Eun Gye Hoon, an executive chef whose everyday life is turned upside down when he unexpectedly begins going through all of Noh Da Hyun’s joy, sorrow, and pain together with her.

The making-of video begins as Kim Won Hae and Yeo Jin Goo enjoy their time in the kitchen. They listen intently when the food staff reveals that they actually do take home leftover food at the end of the day. Yeo Jin Goo then does his best to deliver some complicated lines about a concept in psychology, only to mess up and apologize with a sheepish laugh. Kim Won Hae also reveals his hidden talent for juggling as he handles three potatoes at once, to the amazement of other cast members.

Another clip follows Yeo Jin Goo as he braves the cold December weather to film for a gourmet festival. While waiting around in a large coat and earmuffs, he laments, “I need to look good for the camera.” When it’s time to film, Yeo Jin Goo has trouble cutting up the ginger as the cold weather caused to freeze. Rubbing his cold hands, the actor jokes, “I want to put my hands in this boiling oil.”

In the next clip, Moon Ga Young tries to call Yeo Jin Goo over to the camera, but he responds nonchalantly by saying, “Huh? What’s up?” Feigning ignorance when Moon Ga Young explains how they are filming their first scene together, he simply responds, “As you can see, the set and the lighting are beautiful.” Moon Ga Young is surprised that he is already finished talking and turns around to ask, “Is that it?” She then tells the camera that she thinks the scene will turn out beautifully.

While filming their first scene, Moon Ga Young and Yeo Jin Goo spend their time between takes playing rock, paper, scissors and rehearsing their lines. At one point, their conversation turns to experimenting with names, and they come up with Ga Hyun as a mixture of Moon Ga Young’s name with that of her character. They also straighten each other’s accessories to make sure they look perfect for the scene.

Later on, Moon Ga Young and Kim Ji Young rehearse their verbal sparring while Ye Soo Jung walks through the scene with perfect comedic timing. Ye Soo Jung and Kim Ji Young also show off their acting skills as they shed real tears at the police station. Meanwhile, Song Duk Ho is wary of the camera and walks by with a shy smile.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video with English subtitles below!

“Link” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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