So Ji Sub, Im Soo Hyang, Shin Sung Rok, And Lee Dong Ha Get Into A Heated Confrontation In “Doctor Lawyer”

MBC’s “Doctor Lawyer” shared new stills previewing the upcoming episode!

“Doctor Lawyer” is about a genius surgeon who becomes a medical malpractice lawyer after losing everything due to a rigged surgery and a prosecutor who loses her only family and lover through that same surgery. Together, they set out to punish those who believe that the importance of a person’s life can be ranked based on their wealth and power.

So Ji Sub stars as the titular medical malpractice lawyer Han Yi Han, who changed careers after a devastating incident in the operating room. Im Soo Hyang plays Geum Seok Young, a passionate prosecutor who believes firmly in justice. Shin Sung Rok takes on the role of the mysterious Jayden Lee, the head of the Asian branch of Honors Hand, a company specializing in lobby and investment.


Han Yi Han and Jayden Lee officially got entangled together towards the ending of episode 4. Han Yi Han went to the penthouse after being contacted by Jayden Lee’s aide and witnessed an unconscious Im Yoo Bin (Lee Joo Bin)with blood running from her head. Viewers got the chills when they saw Jayden Lee giving a mad smile with blood on his hands.

Newly released stills share a glimpse of a tense moment between Han Yi Han, Jayden Lee, Geum Seok Young, and Goo Hyun Sung (Lee Dong Ha). Han Yi Han watches the scene unfold with sharp eyes, whereas Jayden Lee wears an unreadable expression on his face. Geum Seok Young’s eyes glint with determination, while Goo Hyun Sung expresses explosive anger. Even though they are in the same place, they have completely different inner thoughts and emotions, which makes the scene edgier than ever.

The production team remarked, “Han Yi Han, Jayden Lee, Geum Seok Young, and Goo Hyun Sung will face each other in episode 5 that airs today. As each of the four has a different purpose, there will be a fierce battle of brains and a war of nerves. Starting with their meeting, episode 5 of ‘Doctor Lawyer’ will showcase the unprecedented storm development and control the hearts of the viewers. So Ji Sub, Shin Sung Rok, Im Soo Hyang, and Lee Dong Ha will also show great acting and teamwork. Please show lots of interest and anticipation.”

Episode 5 of “Doctor Lawyer” will air on May 17 at 9:50 p.m. KST.

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