Watch: Jung Ryeo Won And Lee Kyu Hyung Are Lawyers With Contrasting Charms In Upcoming Legal Mystery Drama

Jung Ryeo Won and Lee Kyu Hyung’s upcoming drama has released a new teaser and poster!

The Disney+ original series “May It Please The Court” is a legal mystery drama about two completely opposite lawyers who discover a hidden truth while working on a case together. Jung Ryeo Won stars as the cold-blooded ace lawyer Noh Chak Hee, who will rip through anything as long as it leads to success for her. Lee Kyu Hyung stars opposite her as the oddball lawyer Jwa Shi Baek, who will power through thick and thin once he’s committed.

The drama’s first teaser poster features Jung Ryeo Won looking confident, carefree, and aloof in a thick crowd of busy people. The bold caption states, “The ‘crazy dog’ with a success rate of 92 percent is coming!” Her small speech bubble adds, “I will rip through anything you ask of me.”

The teaser clip captures the contrasting charms of Noh Chak Hee and Jwa Shi Baek. After Jwa Shi Baek looks over a document, he looks exasperated as he tosses it aside and focuses on eating his ice cream. Noh Chak Hee appears to catch one of these documents but before even looking it over, she dramatically tears it in half.

However, Noh Chak Hee’s anger subsides in an instant as she gives a slight smile to someone in her office. The caption reads, “I will rip through anything you ask of me.”

Watch the full teaser below!

Each episode of “May It Please The Court” will be based on real-life cases from essays of the same name of the drama. Along with the immersive story, the drama will captivate viewers with a mysterious serial killer case, as well as with the touching emotions Noh Chak Hee conveys when the successful lawyer ends up representing a losing case.

“May It Please The Court” will premiere through Disney+ this September.

While you wait, check out Jung Ryeo Won in “Wok of Love” with subtitles here!

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